7 outfit ideas for men on Malindi Beaches

Prepping for your weekend outing to any of the numerous Malindi Beaches or going for a holiday? If you are not really sure about what you are going to wear while down there, we are going to make sure that we answer all your questions and give you the best male fashion tips, Just like bros!

If we are to actually count the number of times that we have planned to go to Malindi and failed on our fingertips, we probably need another hand or two, maybe we can even start counting with the toes. No Kidding, right? It is surreal the number of times we have dreamt and planned to go to Malindi and it turns into a flop show. There is always that one friend that messes up things at the last minute, unavoidable circumstances, or non-permitting parents. But when it reaches to that point where all your Malindi trip plans have been successfully reached,  definitely kudos to that! By now you have confirmed everything from travel routes to Malindi, mode of transport, booked a hotel or villa on TripAdvisor Llc or booking.com, bookmarked some of the best restaurants and clubs in Malindi, the only thing remaining on your checklist is to figure out your wardrobe.

Beaches are the best place to chill and unwind while on holiday or just for the weekend. Whether it is the sound of waves from the Indian Ocean against the shoreline of the white sandy beaches or the flocking of people on the Marine Park beach, coconut palms swaying in the wind – every single thing seems to have its own appeal to you. If you are planning to spend the day or maybe a better part of the day walking around the golden and white sands of Malindi and Watamu beaches, you need to pack casual beachwear items.

malindi beach wear ideas

Choosing what to wear, and how to wear it while going to the beach might be burdensome to most men. You may just want to throw on that regular pair of shorts and a vest and be ready to kick it. Although this is what is ideally recommended for beachwear, constantly pulling off the same outfit will make you feel like you are dressing in some kind of uniform. But worry not, there are a number of easy things you can do to add just the right amount of sauce to your look whenever you feel like cooling off at the beach while on holiday in Malindi and Watamu:

1. vest and a pair of Bermuda shorts

This is perhaps the simplest outfit you can pull off and is a must-have in every man’s closet who plans on visiting Malindi and Watamu for the holidays. Aside from looking trendy when worn at the beach, Bermuda shorts are very comfortable.

summer bermuda shorts malindians.com

2. Wear colourful shorts

A colourful pair of shorts won’t even need any other piece of clothing to go with – it is a complete look on its own. Just change into your favourite pair of colourful shorts once you get to the beach and you will not have to worry about strolling along the beach bare-chested.

3. Hawaiian shirts

These shirts just get you into the beach mood even before you leave your room. Putting one on will simply make you feel some type of way about going to the beach. Hawaiian shirts look best when matched with a pair of khaki shorts.

floral beach shirt - malindians.com

4. Make good use of your accessories

Accessories are a must-have for every human being on this planet. They are what make any fashion look complete. Accessories come in the form of sunglasses, wristwatches, chains, caps, and what-not. You can always throw in one or two of your favourite accessories any time you feel like going to the beach. Be careful not to wear too much of them though, as that will kill the simple beach vibe.

watch and accessories for the beach

5. Open top shoes

Open top shoes, especially sandals and flip-flops, can never go wrong with any beach outfit. They are not only comfortable and friendly to your feet, but they’re also very stylish. You can get modish men’s Swahili sandals from many vendors along the streets of Malindi.

flip flops and open shoes on malindi beaches

6. Sleeveless t-shirts and a pair of denim shorts

You can always pair up a sleeveless t-shirt and denim shorts for that stylish look. If you’d like to show off a few of your muscles, you can go for a fitting sleeveless t-shirt or better still, walk bare-chested once you get to the beach! This look can be made complete with a pair of sunglasses and a fedora.

7. Open shirts with shorts

Did you know that you could easily turn an official shirt into a beachwear? Get one of those shirts that you no longer plan on wearing to the office and pair it with some short shorts for that hot beachwear look. Fold the sleeves of the shirt up to your elbows and unbutton it and your abs will thank you later for letting them experience the cool breeze too. You can either unbutton your shirt halfway or all the way down to the last button – take your pick!

Whether you are planning to head to Watamu beach, Diani beach, Nyali beach, Shela beach, a beach in Miami Florida, Maldives, Bali, or on any of the beaches in Kenya, these are some of the things that are considered to be part of beachwear. Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comments.

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