Eating & Drinking in Malindi Kenya

Fresh seafood, traditional Swahili cuisine, or a cup of tea

Eating and drinking are some of the things to do to experience the food of the people of Malindi on your visit to Malindi Kenya or the Kenyan coast in general. Stopping at one of the legendary cafés in Malindi is mandatory, and there is a variety of both restaurants that specialize in everything from traditional Swahili cuisine, to world foods, to street dishes; from the beef and seafood mshakiki/mshikaki (skewers) to the trendy mkate wa nyama (African pizza), found in the heart of the town, and particularly in Barani, Bomani and Shella.

Malindi Dream Garden - Hotels in Malindi food

Wondering what local dish or eatery you should check out while in town? Look here: Malindi Restaurants

Before going out to eat in Malindi, know that most eateries and restaurants close relatively early compared to other towns. They usually close between 8.30 pm and 10 pm. One can dine as early as 6.30 pm.

Unless you head out to a fancy restaurant, the local eateries do not just serve bread, cheese, and any other appetizers. We encourage visitors to have a taste of our traditional food.
Tipping is not customary in Malindi. However, most of our waiters go above and beyond to ensure the service is exceptional — You can always at liberty whenever you wish.


Recipes to amazing foods in Malindi

We have created a list of recipes of some of the popular local food in Malindi. Please check these Swahili Recipes .

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