Getting around Malindi Kenya

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Getting around the town

Malindi’s variety of transportation and uniqueness contributes to its unique charm. Noisy tuktuks, bodaboda (motorcycle taxi), matatu will enable you  explore the oldest and amazing quarters. Central Business District of Malindi is compact enough to explore most of it on foot, and most sights in Shella are within walking distance.
See the links below for more information about the tuktuks, buses, and taxis. Which option you take depends on where you want to go into the town, and how much you want to pay. While travelling around the city doesn’t normally require a car, since the public transport options are more than sufficient, if you want to take a daytrip or two to nearby areas such as Mambrui, Gede, Watamu and other areas, you may wish to rent a car. We can highly recommend the services offered here, which can arrange great savings on all the major car hire firms.
If you are arriving at Malindi Airport and want to use public transportation to get into, we show the best transport options here. You may also see how much a transfer from the airport to your hotel is here: Airport Transfers


Cabs and taxis in Malindi are well maintained and are safer to travel in. The cabs usually carry people around town but may also reach the outskirts such as Marafa Hell’s Kitchen which is a tourist attraction. Some may even reach Mombasa but provided the cab is driven by an experienced driver.


Most bus stops are located in the center of Malindi town. The buses travel to various destinations such as Nairobi, Lamu, Eldoret, Kisumu, and so on. The big buses travel to far destinations while smaller ones ferry passengers around town and the outskirts of Malindi.


Malindi has a network of reputable car hire companies that is available from the airport or any point of entry.


To travel like a local, hop on a minibus taxi for a memorable ride. The minibuses are locally known as matatu and usually carry passengers within the Malindi district but some travel as far as Mombasa, Hola and Lamu.



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