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Malindi Restaurants

The best wining and dining in the town

Malindi town offers a diversity of inns and restaurants both within the Central Business District and along the coastline. I recommend one should try out these places to have their own personal experience. Granted some restaurants are a bit over the top when it comes to prices while others are what you call “see for yourself” restaurants. We always appreciate any more information or recommendations, rates or reviews about what you think here on


Stars and Garters Restaurants

During the day this restaurant isn’t much alive but at night it beams with vibrancy with locals and foreigners flocking to the place. The lounge area is quite spacious with satellite TV and pool tables. Entertainment is on every night whether it’s live music band or acrobatic shows. The prices in this place are pocket-friendly as the meals are very sumptuous and mouth-watering.

Johari’s Garden

It is located near the Malindi police station and the Malindi Posta courier services. At this restaurant, one can enjoy delicious African cuisines at affordable prices. I highly recommend this place if African food is your taste.


It’s located beside the Sabaki complex and is also under Italian management. This is the best place to be if you are into Italian cuisine. Prices range as some dishes may cost more while others may cost less. This restaurant is mostly visited by foreigners. There is a pastry shop nearby for snacks or cakes.

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