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First, Malindians Interactive Services also referred to as “Malindians” is an information portal for the town of Malindi providing information about Malindi for tourists visiting the town. It features tourist facilities – hotels & accommodation, restaurants & cafés, bars, and clubs, culture, and other attractions. It is a youth-driven platform that showcases and tells the stories of the people of Malindi, the Malindians. For the past four years, the site (https://malindians.com) has been up, enjoying a lot of traffic from both local and international tourists. We have also linked it to popular social media handles in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all with the same name.

In recognition of the new normal of the surge for local tourists, the site is designed to help local tourists understand, choose and enjoy a vacation in Malindi. It is available in English, Italians, Deutsch, Swahili, and sheng’ words introducing the local culture to other Kenyans in a homely way. Certainly, the information is also relevant to international tourists who would be interested in visiting the town.

Malindians.com was created in 2014 by Athuman Komora and Faiz Bashrahil. Born, raised, and living in Malindi, Athuman and Faiz share a passion for Malindi town, so unlike many other travel sites you will encounter on your regular web search (including many about Malindi), the content of this website is written & curated by people who actually live, know and experience Malindi.

Athuman Komora - Founder malindians

Athuman Komora Garisse | Founder Malindians.com

Athuman Komora Garisse is the Founder of Malindians Interactive Services. He also doubles up as the Research and Monitoring Assistant at the Northern Rangelands Trust, where he trains Community Conservancy rangers on both Wildlife & Marine Conservancy Management and Monitoring systems. He also reviews and analyses monitoring data collected on both Marine and terrestrial ecosystems within community conservancy.

Athuman holds a Bachelor of Science (2nd Class Hons) Degree in Plant Ecology and Environmental Science from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). While at JKUAT, he worked as an assistant with the Research, Production, and Extension department where he was part of a team developing the University’s 3D interactive map that helps visitors and new students find their way around the university. Athuman enjoys the outdoors and travelling. When not travelling, Athuman enjoys volunteering at the local beach management unit, playing soccer, and coding together with friends on their next tech startup project.

History of Malindians

When the site was created in 2014, there was very little information about Malindi as a destination on the internet except for a few entries from websites such as Wikipedia. Many of those who write have been to Malindi for a day or two or maybe for week tops. The intended purpose of the site is to serve as a complete guide to the town of Malindi, which has over time become a gateway to other magical parts of the country by visitors coming from western Europe.

Malindans.com is not associated in any way with Kilifi County Tourism, but has over the years strived and has managed to establish itself as the #1 Malindi source over the internet offering sightseeing information, accommodation choices, and general information about Malindi.

If you would like to make any suggestions about the site or have any questions about Malindi, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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