What to carry while on holiday in Malindi

Malindi is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Kenya. Malindi is a coastal town and if you are visiting for the first time, you may be confused on what to and what not to carry with you. The following is a list of must-have items while on holiday in Malindi:

  1. Swimwear

A trip to the coast will definitely be incomplete without going for a swim in the Indian Ocean. Pack at least one swimwear specifically for this. You can find stylish swimsuits in many online shops. In case you forget to carry one of your own, don’t panic. A good number of vendors have swimsuits for hire just along the beach.

Swimwear for mean

  1. Sunglasses

Aside from protecting your eyes from direct sunlight, sunglasses will certainly add a sassy touch to your look. You don’t want to be the only one squinting under the sun whenever you go out during the day, right?

Summer sunglasses

  1. Caps/sunhats

These will provide a little bit of shade while you are out and about. Malindi is mostly sunny throughout the year. Caps and sunhats will, therefore, come in handy when you visit this place.

hats and caps

  1. Sunscreen

Just as its name suggests, sunscreen will protect your skin from direct sunlight. It will mostly be helpful on those days that you may decide to spend on the beach. Carry this with you on your holiday so that you do not go back home with sunburns all over your back, shoulders, and forehead.

suncream on malindi beaches

  1. Light clothing

Since the weather in Malindi is generally hot and humid, light clothes are the best to bring along. Some of them include shorts, sundresses, loose-fitting t-shirts, and spaghetti tops. These will ensure that you are always comfortable while maintaining a good sense of fashion at the same time.

straight outta malindi tshirts


  1. Sandals

Sandals are perhaps the most comfortable type of shoes you’ll ever wear while on holiday in Malindi. They are light, simple, and easy to put on and take off. Sandals will greatly serve you when you want to take short distance walks or even when you’re just strolling around your hotel. There are many vendors in Malindi who sell beaded leather Swahili sandals too, both for men and women. Buy a pair of sandals from Malindi and gift a close one when you get back home!

beaded leather swahili shoes



  1. Camera

“If it wasn’t captured, then it never happened.”

I once came across the above statement on the internet. One of my friends had used it as a caption on one of his pictures while he was on vacation. Bring a camera with you and capture every amazing moment you will experience in Malindi. Be it a digital or a smartphone camera, just make sure that your memories are captured and stored somewhere for you to admire in future.

taking photos

  1. A budget

This may sound like an obvious thing but it is important to bring a budget with you. A budget will greatly help you to keep track of your spending while on holiday so that you do not end up using more money than what you had intended to. Try to stick to your budget plan in order to fully enjoy your vacation in Malindi.

Happy holidays!

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