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Neighbourhoods in Malindi Kenya

Malindi, a town with a rich history of both Arab and Portuguese influence, has buildings close to the coastline. These buildings form the extent of Malindi town from 1500. These buildings used to be occupied by mostly Arabs, Asians and the Bajun (Swahili) as it is the case presently. These buildings make up the present-day Shella neighbourhood.

Malindi neighbourhoods malindians - Neighbourhoods in Malindi Kenya

A boy walks on the Malindi Pier on Silversands Road | Photo by RazzSnaps

Neighbourhoods on the East of Malindi Town

North of the beach is Maweni neighbourhood. Shella and Maweni have Casuarina road dividing them. The houses in this neighbourhood are closely built and modern compared to Shela neighbourhood. The ground is stony thus the name Maweni – Swahili for a stony area. Most of the inhabitants of this area are the Swahili (Bajun).
Further north is Ngala neighbourhood most inhabited by the Giriama and other communities. Malindi has no laws limiting settlement of individual from a certain tribe in any neighbourhood.

Neighbourhoods on the West of Malindi Town

Ngala neighbourhood borders Kisumu Ndogo on the Western side divided by Mombasa – Malindi Highway (B8). Kisumu Ndogo has the largest population per square Kilometre compared to any neighbourhood.

Neighbourhoods on the North of Malindi Town

Majengo is North of Kisumu Ndogo and West of Barani Neighbourhood. The latter borders Shela on the western side too.

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