Malindi Town Clean up - Kisumu Ndogo-151

Malindi Town Clean-up in Kisumu Ndogo ( Pictorial)

Malindi Stakeholders initiative to change the face of Malindi by conducting monthly clean-ups saw the 3rd town clean-up take place on the 8th of June. The clean-up was conducted on one of Malindi’s most populated neighbourhoods, Kisumu Ndogo. This clean-up, as usual, attracts the participation of different stakeholders including the County Government of Malindi, different arms of the National Government, businesses, non-governmental organizations, youth, and individuals.The Police service made an impressive contribution during the event, coming in big numbers and working hand in hand with the community and other stakeholders.Check out a pictorial of how the Malindi Town Clean-up: The Kisumu Ndogo Affair 
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