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8 Facebook Pages to Follow About Malindi Town

by Patricko
8 Facebook Pages to Follow About Malindi Town - malindians.com

A Facebook page has become the number one go-to place for information on any organization or place on the online scene. Malindi Kenya is one of the amazing destinations in East Africa, people who live in this town enjoy the beauty it holds. If you ever find yourself wanting to know more about this beautiful town, here are 8 Facebook pages to follow that will provide an insight into the iconic Malindi town.


Malindians.com is a tourist and information center in the town of Malindi providing info for both tourists and locals. This blog features a day to day life in Malindi town; it also focuses on promoting tourism and businesses in Malindi. This Facebook page provides insight of what is happening around Malindi town, thus keeping you updated around the clock.

Watamu Adventist Beach ResortMalindi business & Art exhibition - 0219 facebook page
Malindi Business & Art Exhibition as captured by malindians.com Facebook Page
tsavo road facebook page


Sell anything Malindi is an online marketing blog where people advertise their on sale items so as to get potential buyers of what they have advertised. It serves as an online market place for people around Malindi. It is an ideal place to purchase cheap second-hand goods.


Rotary Club of Malindi is a part of a global network that aims at providing services to local communities in need of support.


Kingfisher.com is one of Kenya oldest established family-run businesses, specializing in deep-sea fishing. Fishing season starts in July and runs until the end of April. If you ever plan going fishing in the Malindi area, go to Kingfisher.


MalindiKenya.net is an Italian blog that offers news in both English and Italian language in and outside Malindi town. Its main aim is to create jobs for young people through the creation of job opportunities in agriculture, fisheries, tourism, and trade.


The pride of Malindi is a Malindians.com Facebook group. If in need of information and interaction with people from Malindi about Malindi town and more, then make a visit to this Facebook page or group, it will enlighten your experience of Malindi town.


Malindi news is a blog that allows people to interact and get to know what’s going on around Malindi.


The hanging gardens of Malindi aim to make Malindi an even more beautiful place to live. The products sold in this place include orchids, exotic plants, garden paraphernalia.

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