5- most influential people to have visited Malindi Kenya for vogue

The 5 most Influential people who have visited Malindi Kenya

The small coastal town of Malindi Kenya has seen high and lows since its formation in the 13th century. However, some of the greatest achievements as a tourist town Malindi …

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Malindi Town Clean up - Kisumu Ndogo-151

Malindi Town Clean-up in Kisumu Ndogo ( Pictorial)

Malindi Stakeholders initiative to change the face of Malindi by conducting monthly clean-ups saw the 3rd town clean-up take place on the 8th of June. The clean-up was conducted on one of Malindi’s most populated neighbourhoods, Kisumu Ndogo. This clean-up, as usual, attracts the participation of different stakeholders including the County Government of Malindi, different arms of the National Government, businesses, non-governmental organizations, youth, and individuals.The Police service made an impressive contribution during the event, coming in big numbers and working hand in hand with the community and other stakeholders.Check out a pictorial of how the Malindi Town Clean-up: The Kisumu Ndogo Affair 
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