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5 quick tips to making friends in Malindi




tips to making friends in Malindi

In this world where everyone is focused on being savage and keeping their circles small, making new friends is in the least of many people’s worries. Friendship is very important in our lives and whether we admit it or not, our lives wouldn’t be this interesting without our friends.

Friendships make lives more fun and interesting. And do you know what the most interesting fact about friendship is? It is the fact that we have the power to choose whom to be friends with – friends are like a family that you’ve chosen to create on your own.
Whether you are in Malindi as a resident or a tourist, it is important to make one or two friends. Some people are naturally outgoing and making new friends isn’t such a hard task for them.

“Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.”
~Christine Brinkley

This post will mostly help those of us who are naturally shy but would wish to have one or two new friends from Malindi. The people of Malindi are generally friendly and becoming a friend to one of the locals will greatly help to make your holiday experience better. The following tips will help you make and maintain new friends while you’re on holiday in Malindi:

Be Positive

If all you have are good and positive vibes, you are more likely to attract the same energy. People will relate with you better than how they would relate with that person who is always moody and grumpy. When people can read positivity from your body language, you will not even have to ask someone to be your friend. New friendships will automatically blossom!

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people with positive energy in Malindi - 5 quick tips to making friends in Malindi

Exchange Names

Don’t be afraid to take the first step of getting to know someone new. This may be someone you meet at a local restaurant, bar, or even a vendor along the street. Be friendly while introducing yourself to them and they will definitely tell you their name in return. Most of us may be terrible at remembering a new person’s name and since this is something you wouldn’t want to experience when you’re genuinely making new friends, make sure to repeat the other person’s name right after they’ve told you what their name is. This will make their name more memorable.

Make Small Talk

Now, you wouldn’t want to be sitting in an uncomfortable silence right after getting to know the name of your new friend, right? Make small talks with them in order to get to know a little more about each other. You can talk about the weather, your likes and dislikes, your memorable childhood experiences and what-not. This will help to keep your conversation going.

Ask for Recommendations

You know the saying that goes: “a new broom sweeps clean but the old one knows all corners”, right? Nobody knows a place better than someone who lives in it. After making a new friend, don’t be afraid to ask them where they get their best stuff from. You could ask for a place with the best pizzas, the best local foods, the best chill-out places, you name it! And this is sure to get you some of the best deals at very affordable prices by the way…and who wouldn’t love to save a few bucks?

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recommendations of activities in Malindi - 5 quick tips to making friends in Malindi

Be Adventurous

Get out of the confines of your hotel room and find other outdoor activities that you can engage in. Activities like surfing, snorkeling and hiking are sure to get you new friends that you can most likely keep for a lifetime!
These tips are sure to help you find a new friend or two the next time you visit Malindi for the holidays. Don’t hesitate to use them.

Have any of these tips worked for you? If yes or No, please let us know on the comments below and suggest tips that have worked for you!

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