Company of One

It is believed that misery loves company. I am not sure of this but what I know from many is that fun also loves the company. Many tend to get bored when they are alone, a syndrome that has been named loneliness. For this reason, many tend to have people accompany them when going to a party.

So where I am going with this you may ask? I decided to carry my office “Out”. Normally, it is a backpack with my DSLR camera, a laptop, Modem (i still use one ), and the rest that goes along with above. Everything was well packed and undisturbed and the night seemed uneventful until Mimi started to sing.

I know, you are asking who is Mimi and why is Mimi singing? Okay, it is Karaoke Wednesday at Pine Court Beach Bar and I am always there and for sometime Mimi has been coming too. However, in my memory, she is that chic who loves fast-paced songs. Objection by Shakira is one of those songs, it is one fast song, but trust me she is good at singing the Karaoke Version.

Okay, let us get back to people loving the company. Mimi is one of those people that have defied such old habits. She believes that it takes only one person to have fun, YOURSELF! So when you go out to have fun, make sure you know all that is fun is you. When you are having fun, it is “infectious” and the people around you are going to have a nice time………and it is a circle

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