Clean-up taken to the River Sabaki Estuary

A substantial group of residents of Malindi yesterday gathered at the mouth of the Sabaki River for a group cleaning of the area that is one of the sensitive points to be safeguarded because it represents an important filter between land and sea.

Clean-up taken to the River Sabaki Estuary
As announced by, in view of the arrival of the Minister of Environment of Kenya next February 2, the movement Malindi Green And Blue from 9 am, at full speed cleaned the banks of the river north of Malindi thanks to donations of gloves, bags, tools as well as masks, by the community of Malindi.

Among the team participating in the cleanup were officials from the Kilifi County and members of PWAM (Progress Welfare Association Malindi), were NEMA, KEFRI, Magarini DCC, KWS, KFS, Kazi Mtaani Group, Hippopotamus Trust, a representative from the Ministry of Environment, Beach Operators from Silversand, Kenya Police, Sabaki Community, Trashion Kenya, Project 150, Malindi Residents Development Group, ASIGA Group, Anzuki Recycling, Kenya Association of Women in Tourism, Kenya Redcross and Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers.

Clean-up taken to the River Sabaki Estuary


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