The 5 most Influential people who have visited Malindi Kenya

The small coastal town of Malindi Kenya has seen high and lows since its formation in the 13th century. However, some of the greatest achievements as a tourist town Malindi has had are the number of influential people that have visited the town. A lot of people have visited Malindi: from Vasco da Gama to former President of the Republic of Kenya, Daniel Arap Moi. Here is a list of some of the most influential people who have visited Malindi Kenya:

Naomi Campbell

naomi campbell - most influential people to have visited Malindi Kenya

In November 2018, British supermodel Naomi Campbell jetted in for a Magazine photoshoot for British Vogue, the world’s most recognized fashion entertainment magazine.
Campbell, then 48 stayed at Ex-Formula one boss Flavio Briatore’s high-end hotel Lion in the sun. Her visit was a major boost for tourism and went ahead to spend the Christmas holiday with her 13 member crew.

Jeff Koinange

jeff koinange - most influential people to have visited Malindi Kenya for vogue

For this Award-winning TV and Radio journalist, Malindi isn’t something he’s missing out on.
Jeff Mwaura Koinange occasionally visits Malindi with his family to a point he even has a favorite resort! Kola Beach resort located off Malindi-Lamu highway on the Bay of Mambrui does it for this media sensation and his young family.

Fernando Alonso

fernando alonso - most influential people to have visited Malindi Kenya

Driver Alonso Malindi plays volleyball on a beach during a training session before the resumption of Formula 1 racing in 2003 in Malindi, Kenya. (Photo by Gianni GIANSANTI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Fernando Alonso Díaz, Spanish racing driver, formula one world championship 2005 and 2005 for the Renault team.
He visited Malindi with his wife Raquel Rosarion, and stayed at ‘lion in the sun’.
Following in the footsteps of his then billionaire boss for the Renault team and friend Flavio Briatore, he showed interest in the investing scene.

fernando alonso private jet - most influential people to have visited Malindi Kenya

MALINDI, KENYA – JANUARY 7: The private jet of formula one driver Fernando Alonso stands parked at Malindi airport on January 7, 2009, in Malindi, Kenya. It is reported that the plane clipped a wall prior to take-off, experiencing damage to a wing, on January 5, 2008. (Photo by Luca Ghideni via Getty Images)

MacDonald Mariga

Kenya International Football star and his brother Victor Wanyama visited Malindi courtesy of Kibadi Kipanga and proudly arrived in a tuk-tuk.
The stars visited Malindi United Team to sponsor their activities and do a campaign against drug abuse.

mariga - most influential people to have visited Malindi Kenya for vogue
The celebrated midfielder who played for Inter Milan in the past gave a 50,000 contribution and made some visits to the Alaskan ground to shun youth against drugs.

Silvio Berlusconi

berlusconi - most influential people to have visited Malindi Kenya for vogue

Former Italian Prime Minister and Italy’s 6th Richest man worth a fortune of 5.9 Billion returned to Malindi again in November 2012 for Holiday.
The politician and Billionaire who was escorted by Flavio Briatore and an 8 men crew came to inspect the construction of the 500 Million Billionaire Resort.
He enjoyed his stay at the exclusive Lion in the sun.

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  1. […] Vasco da Gama pillar is located on the seafront road along the beach in Shela Neighbourhood.  The pillar was first erected at the Sheikh’s house but later removed and re-erected where it is today. The Vasco da Gama pillar and the cross are both made from original Portuguese limestone material.  The Portuguese built it to give direction to those following the sea route to India. This antique was built about a century before Fort Jesus in Mombasa, making it one of the oldest European installations in East Africa. The monument has become the most renowned attraction site for both local and international tourists visiting Malindi. […]

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