Barani Secondary School

Barani Secondary school, Malindi, is a public day school located near Tawfiq hospital, behind Alaskan stadium. It is a distinct school. The school has been functioning for more than twenty years now. Students at Barani adorn a white shirt and a navy blue trousers or skirt and a navy blue tie with stripes.

Barani School has been a good performing school until lately that it has been getting a lot of competition from schools like Malindi high school, Malindi Premier and others. According to the recent statistics, we have seen that the school administration has been modifying some areas in the school that will make the school perform better than other schools. Changes have already been made and the teachers are so strict on ensuring they are implemented.


If you take a visit at the school, you will see how they have a neat compound and when entering the gate, there is a sign indicating “YOU ARE NOW ENTERING AN ENGLISH SPEAKING ZONE”. By encouraging students to speak English in school, academic performance is enhanced. This is because it is the medium in which all subjects are taught except for Kiswahili, which is taught and examined in Swahili.


The school has a large library that is adequately filled with books at the disposal of any student.
Apart from the fact that is a government (Public school), it has several donors that have been working hand in hand with the school’s administration in enhancing the school’s appearance. The school also offers foreign languages like French, which is an important factor in boosting student’s chances in various kinds of career and job market.

Apart from academics, Barani secondary school has been very active in co-curricular activities. It is very competitive when it comes to sports. The school offers various sports such as football (soccer), rugby, table tennis, hockey, badminton, basketball, volleyball and netball. Barani secondary also boasts of having one of the best basketball pitches.