Malindi high school

Malindi high school is the oldest high school found in Malindi. It was built in 1968 and became a public school in 1969. Malindi high has been a prospering public school in Kilifi county for a long time. Many people have attended that school. To start with, it’s a provincial school. It’s a boy’s boarding school. There is a lot of things that make the school look like one of the best in Kilifi county. The school consists of a large area of land making it comfortable to accommodate a large area for the dormitories, the tuition area, teachers’ quarters, agricultural area and wide fields for sports.

Starting with the teachers, the school has enough teachers as well as enough classes for students. There have been no reports claiming that the students aren’t getting enough time to be taught because of the lack of teachers. Teachers are well qualified and well educated. The school tries its best to pick up the best teachers. They are all well trained. The school too treats the teachers well enough so that they can teach the students well. Some teachers sacrifice their time and come to school at 4 am to teach the students or some come at that time to recover their time if they missed a class or if they are going to miss that class.

For the teachers coming too early, they are provided with free milk tea. The teachers eat their breakfast or lunch at school depending on what is going on with his/her teachings.
The school too has enough equipment for students to use them for their learning. We have enough books for all students, enough computers for the students doing computer class and enough lockers and chairs for everyone. The lockers and chairs get repaired if they are broken. Last year the school got an electric bell and they have done a lot of renovation at the school like replacing the roofs, painting and adding more laboratories since the school is expanding. The school gets students even from Mombasa County. That shows how famous the school is. It is famous because of its performance. Coming to food, students get fed well every day so that no one goes hungry.
The school has a fish pond and a greenhouse. Agriculture students get to learn more too from the sources provided at school.

Every student has enough sources. We got a library which has enough books for everyone and the school even allows students to carry books on holidays. I mean books from the library. In terms of sports, there is a variety of sports which the student has a choice to choose. There is rugby, football, basketball, table tennis, handball, badminton and track sports like running and shot-put. Malindi high rugby team has been so successful and it has a lot of appearances in the Nationals followed by table tennis and other sports.

There are enough clubs at the school like Math club, Geography club, Red-cross, Drama club e.t.c. Drama club is one of the prospering clubs too after winning trophies and awards in the nation. The drama club was once the second in the Nationals. That was in 2012. Apart from all that, the school too participates in educational contests like biology and maths for the most part of it we have been able to be the winners in all that. In the district of Malindi, there have been Mock exams and Malindi high has been named several times to be the top school. KCSE 2012 we were named the best public school in Kilifi County. We have got a lot of students who get the chance to join the best public Universities in Kenya. Even one student from 2012 got a scholarship from Equity bank after becoming the best student in Kilifi County.
Malindi high school has a good future for students and that’s why today I am praising the school that’s it’s the best high school in Kilifi County.

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