Four Organizations Making a Difference in Kenya

As we mention in 3 Reasons To Love Malindi’, the great historic town of Malindi exemplifies the best of Kenya. It has a rich history, beautiful historic attractions, and friendly, hospitable people. And just as there are many reasons to love Malindi, there are also many reasons to love Kenya. For one, the country boasts of a strong altruistic spirit.

Kenya is home to many philanthropic organizations that strive to improve the quality of life in the country. These organizations tackle a diverse range of advocacies, including mental health awareness, educational equality, animal conservation, and climate change. Below, we will dive deeper into the different organizations making a difference in Kenya.

Africa Mental Health Organization

In many African countries, there is still a strong stigma attached to mental health, which silences discussions surrounding the topic. However, according to Kenya’s Ministry of Health, around 11.5 million Kenyans live with mental health conditions, accounting for 25% of the population. Depression, in particular, affects about 1.9 million people. Across Africa, most governments do not allocate enough of their health budgets to mental health, which limits the care individuals with mental health conditions can receive.

The issue of mental health is something the Africa Mental Health Foundation aims to address. Based in Nairobi, the Africa Mental Health Foundation conducts research to promote the welfare of individuals with mental health conditions and psychosocial disabilities. The Africa Mental Health Foundation also develops mental health services that can accommodate the needs of Africans given the continent’s prevalent socio-cultural and economic conditions.

African Wildlife Foundation

Kenya is well-known for its biodiversity. It is home to rare antelope species such as the mountain bongo and hirola, which are listed by the International Union of Conservation of Nature as critically endangered. Other threatened species, such as pangolins, zebras, and hawksbill turtles can also be found roaming in Kenya. However, habitat loss, climate change, and poaching continue to dwindle their numbers.

Fortunately, there are many organizations that aim to protect Kenya’s rich biodiversity. Among them is the African Wildlife Foundation, a nonprofit charity that focuses on building a sustainable future for all African wildlife. Its goals include protecting wildlife from traffickers and creating programs that prevent habitat loss. In Kenya, the African Wildlife Foundation supports both local communities and animal life; the organization’s programs create job opportunities that train Kenyans in animal conservation.

Bridge International Academies

Due to distance, it is often difficult for students of rural communities in Kenya to access quality education. To address the need for affordable education, Bridge International Academies established learning centers in remote areas in Kenya. Bridge’s community schools provide textbooks, modern learning aids, and 1-on-1 personalized learning support opportunities to ensure that every student can achieve academic success. Thanks to Bridge’s efforts, their students consistently outperform their peers in national exams, such as the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.

Kenya Climate Change Working Group

Climate change has had a strong impact on the people of Kenya. Just last year, shifting temperatures and changes in rainfall patterns caused declines in Kenya’s tea production, decimating the livelihoods of tea growers, as revealed in a report by Reuters. The rise in temperatures also causes damage to maize, which is one of the country’s staple crops.

To protect the environment and the people affected by continuous environmental degradation, organizations united to form the Kenya Climate Change Working Group, an association that aims to address climate change through policies, projects, and other activities. The Kenya Climate Change Working Group leads the implementation of policies that protect citizens of Kenya from the negative effects of climate change.

The people of Malindi and Kenya, in general, have a strong desire to make a difference. As a result, many organizations have formed, aiming to improve life in both Kenya and Africa by tackling numerous social issues, including mental health, climate change, educational inequality, and wildlife conservation.

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