5 Major reasons why people love Airbnb in 2021

Are you planning to go on a vacation soon? Are you having a difficult time choosing a place to stay? Getting an exquisite yet affordable hotel could be quite hard. That’s why I have compiled a list of reasons why you should consider booking an Airbnb the next time you go on vacation:

Airbnb is less costly

You will get a cheaper Airbnb for services that are just as good as those offered in hotels. Booking into an Airbnb will save you a desirable amount of money that you would have used on accommodation.

Genuine interaction with the locals when using Airbnb

Since most Airbnbs are located in local neighbourhoods, you can easily interact with the locals and this will give you a chance to learn more about their culture and ways of life.

You get good and cheaper recommendations

If you need any recommendations on restaurants, clubs, chill spots, et al, then you can easily get them from your host. These recommendations are very likely to be worthy yet cheaper, unlike the pricey ones you get from hotels.

Home away from home

If you are on a vacation as a family or a group of friends, then booking into an Airbnb apartment is the best thing to do. You and your loved ones will have the freedom to create your own home regardless of where you will be. All this, while saving so much money had each of you booked their own room in a hotel.

Saves money on food when using Airbnb

Airbnbs have kitchens where you can prepare meals whenever you feel like it. This will limit the number of times you’ll eat out during your stay. Also, you can always learn to prepare a local meal from your host.

Generally, booking into an Airbnb will simply save you a good amount of money, so it is best for people who want to enjoy themselves on a budget.

Have you ever booked into an Airbnb before? Please share your experience in the comments section below.


  1. Thank you for this hack, next time I travel to Malindi I’ll keep this in mind.

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