How to save money while on vacation in Malindi

Going on a vacation is perhaps the best way to treat yourself, and is usually on the bucket list of many, if not everyone. Some of us have even made it a habit to always go to different destinations each year or whenever an opportunity presents itself. Vacations are of course meant to be fun and interesting, but they also have a way of making money disappear with just a snap of the finger! While on one, we should be careful to pay close attention to our finances so that our bank accounts are not left with a huge dent afterward. It is important to know that there is a very fine line between ‘treating yourself’ and ‘being extravagant’. The following are some of the ways that can help you spend your vacation on a low budget:

  1. Have a budget

Most people usually don’t pay much attention to a budget yet it is the most important thing to consider while going on a vacation. Understand that people’s pockets have different depths and come up with a budget that is friendly to your pockets. Keep track of your spending in order to avoid running short of funds while you are still on vacation.

Book hotels that include breakfast in their accommodation packages

A better way of doing this is to have a separate account that only holds the money you intend on using while on vacation.

  1. Check-in hotels that offer self-catering accommodations

This mostly comes in handy when you are travelling in big numbers, say a family or a group of friends. Checking into a self-catering apartment will significantly help you cut on the amount of money that you would have spent buying food from restaurants, which are usually more expensive.

  1. Avoid buying a souvenir the moment you see it

Instead of buying something immediately after you’ve seen it, try and find other places that sell a similar item too and compare their prices. In the end, go for the one that is sold at the cheapest price. This is a sure way of avoiding getting ripped off by vendors who are always trying to exploit tourists.

  1. Tour the city by foot

Not all days are going to be spent in your hotel. On the days that you will decide to tour the city you have visited, try to go on foot instead of taking taxis. Aside from helping you save the money that you would have used on transport, touring the city by foot will also help you discover places you may not have discovered had you been on a bus or a taxi. If you must, make good use of public transportation instead of hiring cars.

  1. Book hotels that include breakfast in their accommodation packages

What is better than sleeping while knowing that you’ll get to enjoy a continental breakfast the following morning without having to pay for it? With this, your breakfasts will always be sorted at your hotel and you won’t have to worry about spending extra cash on food. Try and book a room with a microwave and a fridge too as this will help in storing any leftovers and reheating them whenever necessary. Also, if you can, avoid requesting room service as this may be quite costly.

Book hotels that include breakfast in their accommodation packages


  1. When finding a place to stay, book places that are in a central location

Although such places are relatively more expensive, they are better as they will help you cut on the amount of money that you would have spent paying for transport to and from different places while on your vacation. Hotels that are in a central location make it easier for you to access other different places without necessarily having to spend extra cash on transport.

  1. Carry snacks and water during outings

Book hotels that include breakfast in their accommodation packages

When going for outings, always carry some snacks, especially if you have kids with you. The kids may need to refuel every now and then while on your outings and bringing snacks with you will greatly help to keep your energy levels up in order to fully enjoy your days out. Carry a refillable water bottle too in order to avoid buying bottled water every time you get thirsty.

Even though saving money while on a vacation is a great thing, be careful not to be too hard on yourself. Treat yourself to some local foods when possible, buy those beautiful things you see on the streets, be free, and simply ENJOY!

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