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What are the best spots to take pictures in Malindi Kenya?

by Salome
5 Places to take Pictures in Malindi vasco da gama pillar

What are the best spots to take pictures in Malindi Kenya is one of the most common questions asked at malindians.com. The list of the best places to take pictures is literally endless. However, to get you started here are a few of the places we thought you should start with:

1. Sir Henry the Navigator monument

Dom Henrique of Portugal, Duke of Viseu or commonly know as prince Henry the Navigator son of the Portuguese king John 1 was responsible for the Portuguese exploration and maritime trade which opened Africa’s shoreline to the outside world through trade.
He founded a school where people were trained in navigation, mapmaking, science, and shipbuilding.
Opposite the Malindi museum, a monument was erected to commemorate his 500 anniversary since his death in 1460.
This is definitely one of the places to capture not only a clear bright picture because of the beautiful white color but also the history behind it.

5 Places to take Pictures in Malindi


2. The Portuguese chapel

Aging more than 500 years now and still standing strong, the Portuguese chapel also known as St Xavier Chapel is located on the seafront about 100 metres from the waterline at Shella area on Mama Ngina Road.
Tale tells that St Francis Xavier passed through there with his two sailors, died, and was buried in the chapel in 1542. Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama later passed through there on his way to India and Constructed the chapel as a memorial.
The Chapel is a great place to capture a memorable picture as it is also a learning experience.

3. BluKey beach

Are you a lover of a beautiful sunrise and palm trees? Well, Blu Key beach offers a beautiful ensemble of the two.
A nice calm place to enjoy a beautiful sunrise after a morning jog and even caption a beautiful yoga posed picture for Instagram.

5 Places to take Pictures in Malindi

4. The Vasco Da Gama pillar

Topped by a cross made of Lisbon stone, The Navigational aid represents the beginning of the age of exploration. The coral pillar acted as a control tower without lights. The Portuguese traders would see the tower from far using binoculars as they neared the sea with India being on the east and Malindi on the west of the pillar.

5 Places to take Pictures in Malindi


5. The Malindi pier

The concrete bridge, approximately more than 300 metres with half its length over the water. The pier is an outstanding landmark in the whole of East Africa. A Place to take great shots both from the top and even the bottom might even get to snap some pictures of the boys who dive from the bridge into the water below.

5 Places to take Pictures in Malindi

Have you had an amazing experience in Malindi and discovery a spot with an amazing view? Is the place suitable to take good pictures? Share with us the spots and the experience on the comment box below or shoot an email at info@malindians.com

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