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When you talk of this neighborhood, a residential place is what comes to mind. Ngala is one of the most known residential places in Malindi mostly because of the spacious rooms and affordable rates of rent. It may not offer much but it is a great place with lots of estates. It is located off the Malindi- Mombasa highway.

Masjid Darul Altam Mosque
This is a place of worship for Muslims and also where religious matters are discussed. It is located not far from the Malindi- Mombasa highway.
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses
This is a Christian place of worship and this church is mostly known for their door to door church activities.
First Landmark Baptist church
This is also a Christian place of worship.
Sea Breeze Hotel
This hotel is a nice quiet cozy place that offers two bedroom cottage apartments; it has a swimming pool and a kid’s play area. It is located just a short distance from the airport. It offers free Wi-Fi, free parking and has a restaurant. One can also feel the breeze of the ocean.
Malindi Little Angels Primary School
This is a private primary school that is run by a religious organization. It is a day school with a total of 13 classrooms operating on an 8-4-4 education system.
Methodist Primary School
This is a day only mixed primary school run by a religious organization and is located just next to the Malindi- Mombasa highway. It offers an 8-4-4 education system.
Upweoni Primary School
This is a public primary mixed school. It is run by the government. It offers an 8-4-4 education system.
Malindi Constituency Development Fund Office
This is the organ responsible for the overall management of the fund at the national level. It ensures that administration of the fund is done efficiently and effectively.
Ngala Playground
This is a soccer field located next to the office of the government. This field is mostly used for soccer trainings, matches, campaigns and social meetings.

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