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We have been creating content about Malindi Kenya for close to six (6) years now. We love and we can’t imagine doing anything else. The work is demanding and tiring. Coupled with travelling, writing for Malindi can be challenging (I guess this answers why we do not have a post every other day on

Over the years, We have had many people asking for consideration to post on our blog. Until now, we have always turned down such requests. Working with Archie and Salome has convinced us to give this a try. Experience has taught us that every good thing out there needs guidelines. For this reason, we have come up with a nice set of Guest Post Guidelines to help us guide the way on this new frontier.

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So to answer the requests of many, YES!, Effective today, we will be accepting guest posts. We currently do not have a plan to publish a post on a daily basis. However, we have a target of publishing at least an article per week.

Content of Guest Posts

Your guest post must be centered on one of the following topics (at the moment):

  • Malindi (Malindi Kenya)
  • Recipes of foods from East Africa (Especially coastal foods)
  • Culture (Coastal tribes)
  • History (Malindi and its Environs)
  • People (Notable individuals who have accomplished things within Malindi. These can include leaders, artists e.t.c)
  • Sports (This can include news on local sports games, discussions, thoughts or opinions on what is happening on the sports world)
  • General information about places in Malindi. This includes attractions, beaches, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, cafes, neighbourhood etc

We do not accept posts that are POLITICAL and those of the nature of an advertisement of a product, business or service or what is an equivalent of a sponsored post. However, we have created a special category to cater for advertising needs for both local businesses and those from outside Malindi town.

Guidelines of Guest Posts

  1. We cannot insist enough on the importance of originality on all guest posts submitted. All posts must not be previously submitted on any web platform or printed.
  2. By submitting your guest post, you agree to relinquish ownership rights to the article. Therefore, you agree not to publish or republish it on any platform including your own site or blog. We understand what it takes to write a blog post. Therefore, we will fully give you full credit.
  3. Your guest post will not contain more than 2 links: One to your blog and one to your twitter account(optional)
  4. Your guest post should be at least 500 words long and not more


If your Guest post meets the above guidelines, please fill the form below.

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