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The world of marketing has taken another shift with the invention of social media with many of the people with high spending power (24-45 years) literally living on social media. As a platform, Malindians has endeavored to tap all these people on the social media by being a force to reckon with in Malindi. We have a good following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

We welcome service providers within Malindi whether individuals, companies or organization to partner and work with us in promoting and thus improve the economic situation. This can be done in two methods

  • Partnership/Sponsor
  • Advertisements

We are a startup and we can use any help available. For the period of one year we have been online, we have realized the need for partners that we can work with.  You can become one of our strategic partners, which comes with your logo and link to your site being placed in strategic places on our site and other social media platforms.

Benefits of Sponsorship

We believe the creation of this kind of relationship between Malindians and your organization should be beneficial to both parties.

  • Malindians has a large local follower base ( fan base), this is a ready database for the sponsor to target
  • Followers offer an extended network through friends and family
  • Sponsor/Partner companies can also reinforce awareness among target markets by sponsoring additional Malindians events. As sponsors, preference is given to them.
  • Online logo placement: This will allow placing your organization’s logo on Malindians site to show support. This placement may include email, website’s homepage, registration or signup page, reports, Facebook page, twitter, YouTube, Instagram as well as email templates.
  • Online Ads: since publicity is most beneficial to the sponsor, we will offer a graphic banner or a box ad on our website.
  • Social media promotion. We will make use of our social media channels to recognize you as a sponsor. We will make a commitment to post about our partnership. For example, we can agree to mention you in one blog post, twice on Facebook and four times on Twitter for a certain period of time.
  • Sponsor guest posting: As a sponsor we will grant you full access to guest blog and post information about your organization. We will in turn promote such post on all of our platforms.
  • Videos and photos that will add value to the partnership. Multimedia can be a compelling way to recognize sponsors, there will be have a photo with key staff members from your organization, or/and a video interview. In the event you have a branded banner or sign, you can use it for a backdrop. In the event of a physical meeting, pictures of participants in front of it will be posted on our Facebook page or together with other event photos.

Sponsors and their employees want to feel comfortable with a business partnership, especially one this public. We know you want to feel confident about getting a good return on your investment. Malindians believes that it acts as ambassadors for its sponsors’ brands, saying to the world, “This brand is all about being innovative, dependable, and full of vitality and life. Most importantly, we are proud to be Associated with you!”

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