Updated Guide to Staying Safe as a Tourist in Malindi

Malindi is a popular tourist spot located along the Kenyan Coast. Tourists come here to unwind after safaris through Nairobi National Park.  The never-ending terrorist activity in neighboring Somalia has left many travelers in East Africa should still leave travelers exercising caution, even though there have been no major attacks recently.

Kenya has become increasingly attractive to international travelers over recent years due to its beautiful beaches, wildlife reserves, and cultural diversity. However, there are still many dangers associated with visiting these regions. To avoid being robbed at gunpoint, please read through the following list before planning your trip to Kenya.


Tips For Tourists While Traveling Through Malindi

In case of emergency, call 911 immediately.

In Kenya, there is no national emergency number; instead, callers must dial “999″ followed by the relevant local code before dialing the desired telephone number. For example, calling a UK landline number requires dialing “0991″ before dialing the required phone number.

In many parts of Africa, like Kenya, there is no 911 service available. So, if someone gets hurt, call your local hospital instead. They should be able to tell you how to proceed. And don’t hesitate to ask questions – they’ll probably appreciate the chance to practice their English skills.

Be careful when going to the beach by yourself. Also, avoid isolated and desolate beaches.

Mugging is often done at night, but daytime mugging is possible and should be taken seriously. Don’t let yourself become an easy target; stay alert and aware of your surroundings. And don’t carry anything expensive – they’ll just walk off with it anyway. Also, avoid isolated areas like deserted streets and parks.

My friend and I went to Watamu during low tide. There wasn’t much going on at the time except for us being there. My friend decided he would take off early to catch the sunset. He left and I stayed behind taking photos. After a while, I noticed someone approaching me. At first, I thought maybe it was him coming back but after talking to him for a few minutes, I realized something bad was happening. I ran into town screaming for help. Luckily, the police came and took care of everything. Thankfully no one got hurt.


Use a driver if available

Traveling around Malindi, and anywhere along the Kenyan Coast, using a tour operator is a wise move. Tour operators offer safety precautions and knowledge of local laws and customs. They also provide transportation services that include private cars, minibusses, safari vans, and 4×4 trucks. Tours and Travel companies often employ professional drivers who are knowledgeable and courteous. Most travelers agree that their drivers were their greatest asset during their stay in Kenya.

Drive during daylight hours to reduce risks associated with car theft and road rage

Driving during daylight hours is safer since there are fewer people around. However, nighttime travel offers its own set of challenges. For example, many roads in Kenya are poorly lit and riddled with potholes. These issues combined with the fact that Kenyans tend to drive much faster than Americans mean that accidents happen frequently. So, unless you’re comfortable navigating these roads alone, don’t attempt to do so after sunset. Also, remember that robberies often occur late at night. To stay safe, stick to well-lit routes whenever possible. Finally, never leave anything valuable unattended; thieves love nothing better than grabbing something they think is worth stealing.

Select a reliable hotel

Checking into hotels before visiting Malindi should include checking its rating on TripAdvisor.com and reading through any negative comments posted regarding the property. Also, look at posts made by guests on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Stay away from the streets around Malindi

Malindi is not a very large city. It’s not anywhere as busy as the nearby Mombasa or the capital, Nairobi, however, you would need to keep your wits about you when on busy roads or in marketplaces. Large crowds provide great cover for pickpockets and thieves as well as foreigners, therefore, you may become an easy target.

Keep your valuables at home, and avoid wearing expensive jewelry when going out into town.


Stay away from poor neighborhoods

If you’re going to visit a place like Mumbai, don’t walk around alone at night. Ask locals for directions before venturing off on your own. Also, avoid walking through dark alleys or deserted areas. Always carry enough cash for any unexpected expenses. Don’t flash too much money; instead, hide it somewhere discreetly inside your clothing. And remember, never leave valuables unattended.

Stay informed about current events by subscribing to RSS feeds

In Kenya, there may be demonstrations or riots occasionally before election days. Make sure you check local news sources like NTV and KTN News before traveling to the country. These sites often report breaking events in advance. Stay informed before visiting the country. Avoid areas where protests are expected. Also, avoid places where political rallies take place during election periods. There could be violence. Be careful around police stations. They usually become targets of rioters. Keep your valuables at home or locked inside hotel rooms. Don’t carry large sums of money. Leave your passport at home. And don’t forget to bring enough water and food supplies.

Do I have any reason to fear terrorist attacks?

Terrorism is on the rise around the globe. Kenya has been hit hard over the last few years with terrorist attacks that killed many innocent civilians. These attacks were aimed at foreigners but none of those involved tourists. Tourists visiting Kenya during this time should remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Be careful driving through areas frequented by terrorists and avoid public places like markets and bus stations.


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