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Types of Beds in Hotel Industry: What You Need to Know

by komzinski
types of beds in hotel industry

Whether you are a guest or a hotelier in Malindi, you will always need to know about the bed in your hotel. The right choice of bed can make or break the entire experience in Malindi Town or any other destination. Here is an overview of the most common types of beds in hotels:

Common types of beds in hotels

King-size Bed

A king-size bed is slightly larger than a double bed or queen-size bed and can accommodate up to three people at a time if you have three guests staying in the hotel room with you. If you are traveling with your family or group of friends, then this type of bed will provide enough space for all of them to comfortably rest their heads while they sleep but if you’re traveling alone, then a king-size bed will only provide enough space for one person at a time so if you want to make the most of your stay in a hotel room, then it would be best if you plan ahead and book a king-size bed as this will give you more privacy when it comes to resting your head while sleeping so that nobody can disturb your rest during your stay.

types of beds in hotel industry

King size bed | Photo by casper.com

The mattresses on these beds are usually very soft and comfortable. The box spring (also known as foundation) is not that much larger than an average queen-size bed and can be adjusted so that it can be used for double or king-size beds, depending on the needs of the guests. Another advantage is that if you want to get out from under the blankets for any reason, there’s room underneath for storage or extra clothing. There are plenty of king-size beds in hotels available at affordable prices. You may need to consider your budget when booking one as they tend to cost more than regular-sized beds in hotels because they require extra materials such as mattresses and box springs which increase their price compared to regular-sized beds in hotels.

Queen-size Bed

types of beds in hotel industry

Queen size bed | Photo by casper.com

This is the most common bed in hotels. This is a two-person bed with two mattresses and one box spring, which provides support to the mattress and helps it to maintain its shape.

Double Bed

Double beds are the most common and the most popular beds in hotels. It is usually made of wood or metal, with two separate beds placed side by side, making it look like a twin. This type of bed can be found in all types of hotels and rooms from the cheapest to the luxury ones.

The size of this type of bed varies from a single room with king size double to large hotel suites with a king-size double. This type of bed is very easy to set up and can be placed in any room without any issues. It is also one of the most affordable types of beds for hotel rooms which makes it a good option for every budget-conscious traveler.

They can be found in many hotel rooms at affordable prices. There are plenty of double beds available in hotels which you can choose based on your budget, if you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the mattress or if you have children.

Single Bed (Single)

A single bed is basically a standard-sized bed without any bunk or storage space underneath it and so this type of bed cannot be used by more than one person at a time but it offers an ideal place for kids to rest their heads when they stay over at their parents’ home because they don’t have any other option than sleep on the floor or use makeshift beds while staying with their parents during vacations or overnight stays during school holidays. These types of beds are also suitable for couples who wish to enjoy some alone time while traveling together since there is no one else sleeping next to them while they sleep soundly, unlike double or king-size beds where you will have company if you choose not to use the extra space underneath. You can also find single beds in hotels at affordable prices if you want to stay in a budget-friendly hotel while traveling.

Double XL Bed (Double XL)

types of beds in hotel industry

Twin XL bed | Photo by casper.com

Double XL beds are bigger than regular-sized double beds and can accommodate two people at a time. They are also wider than standard double beds and so they provide enough space for a couple to relax while they enjoy some privacy during their stay in the hotel room. These types of beds come with a larger mattress with thick, comfortable foam padding, which provides adequate support for guests who sleep on them for longer periods of time. Double XL beds can be found in most budget hotels and hostels so you may want to consider this option if you’re looking for one when booking your hotel room online.

Twin or Single (Twin/Single)

types of beds in hotel industry

Twin bed | Photo by casper.com

A twin bed is slightly smaller than a standard-sized double bed but it offers more space than a single bed as it can accommodate two people at a time if they share the bed but not if they each have their own separate twin bed instead because there will be no space underneath the twin mattresses for storage or extra clothing for both guests if this is the case. If you’re traveling with kids and need to find places to stay where there are extra large rooms, then you may want to consider getting them separate twin or single beds instead of sharing one between both of them as this will enable them to have more room and privacy while still having enough space underneath the mattresses to store clothing or other items that they may need during their stay in the hotel room.

California King Bed (Cal King)

types of beds in hotel industry

The California king bed can fit two people comfortably | Photo by casper.com

A California king bed is slightly larger than a regular-sized double or queen-size bed and can accommodate up to four people at a time, depending on the size of the mattress and how much space there is underneath it which means that there will be enough space underneath for two guests to store their clothing or other items they may need during their stay in the hotel room without having any problems. If there are no extra large rooms available, then choosing between two California king beds would mean that each guest could have his or her own separate section underneath where they can store their clothing or other items.

Tips about beds in Hotels

You should not forget about mattresses as well because they are crucial in your stay and your choice of mattress will have an impact on your overall comfort during your stay at the hotel. Here are some tips about beds in hotels that will help you make an informed decision:

Size of beds in Hotels

The size of beds in hotels should be big enough so you do not feel cramped when sleeping but small enough so you do not feel like you are suffocating when waking up in the morning; it should be neither too big nor too small; remember that bigger does not necessarily mean better if you find yourself getting cramped; check out how much space you have between each part (mattress, box spring, mattress protector) as well as between each part and the wall; make sure that there are no sharp corners or protrusions that might cause discomfort or injury to your back; the bed should not be too high so you do not feel like you are about to fall from the bed; it should not be too low so you do not have to strain your neck when sitting up and getting out of the bed.

The shape of beds in Hotels

The shape of beds in hotels should be a perfect square or rectangle; it is better if its shape does not change throughout the night as it might disturb your sleep; if possible, make sure that you have a comfortable mattress.

Colour Coordination of beds in Hotels

The colour of beds in hotels should be coordinated with other parts of your room (like a wall, floor, etc.) or match them; do not match them with other rooms in the hotel. It is better to pick one color scheme and stick with it for all parts of your room and all parts of your stay.

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