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The Art of travelling solo

by Archie
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Travelling solo or travelling alone doesn’t sound like a good idea for most people. Whenever you think of going on a vacation, you probably imagine having some company; either your loved one, a sibling, or a few friends. I mean, you can’t imagine yourself checking into a hotel only to wake up the following morning and go sightseeing all by yourself, right?


You need to have someone to talk to, someone to make silly decisions with, or simply someone whom you can create good memories with. But what if there’s no one to travel with? What if the reunions you keep on organizing never come to pass? Well, those could be the gods of adventure speaking to your soul to pack up your bags and go for an experience you won’t regret! Check out some of the reasons why you should consider travelling solo:

You have no one else to worry about but yourself

Are they going to like this suggestion? Is everyone else going to enjoy this activity? While travelling alone, you won’t have to worry about these questions. You can be as spontaneous as you’d want to be without having to worry about whether or not your buddies will be in for the ideas. And what could be more interesting than doing things on impulse when you’re out and about?

You can easily make new friends

Making new friends is easier when you are alone than when you’re already in the company of another person. You do want to make a friend or two from your travel destination, right?

travelling solo - malindians.com

Image by simple_tunchi0 from Pixabay


Mostly, going on a vacation will leave you yearning for more. In some instances, something may come up that will require you to cut short your vacation. When travelling alone, you can decide whether to extend your holiday without straining your buddies’ pockets or to cut short your stay whenever without worrying about being a party pooper.

Journey to self-discovery

Be sure that you will learn more about yourself whenever you travel solo. At the end of your trip, you will know what you enjoy most and what you don’t really like without the influence of other people.

travelling solo - malindians.com

Time to reflect in peace

Travelling solo can give you all the time in the world to reflect on your life; where you’ve come from, where you’d want to be in future, and how you’ll get there.

travelling solo - malindians.com

If you’ve ever travelled solo, please share your experience(s) in the comments section below. And if you’ve never done so, I hope this article gives you the courage to plan for a solo trip at least once!

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