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Pros and cons of sleeping in a hammock

by komzinski
sleeping in a hammock

Sleeping in a hammock is one of the most popular outdoor activities. It is the best way to enjoy the fresh air and get some much-needed sleep. But how to choose a hammock? We’ve got the answer. Here are some pros and cons of sleeping in a hammock that you should know before buying one:

Pros of Sleeping in a hammock

Sleeping in a hammock is great for kids

Kids are usually happy to spend time outside in a hammock, even if they’re not into it the first few times they try it. You don’t need a lot of space to get a kid comfortable in a hammock, so even if you live in a smaller house, your kid will be fine in one. Because of this, many parents choose to buy sleeping bags with zippers or velcro instead of zippers or hook and loop material as that would let kids get out easily and put them back inside quickly when they want to go back home (or on another adventure).

sleeping in a hammock

This makes it great for kids to take outdoor sleeping adventures with them wherever they go. A sleeping bag that has either two zip-out pockets or no fastener material is also good for children. For example, the Little Swimmers backpack that we reviewed here has velcro at its ends and it is perfect for kids as well as adults. Sleeping bags with pockets can be a little bulky, so if you need to travel light and want to keep them clean, it might not be the best option for you. But if you don’t mind carrying a sleeping bag on your back, then there are many excellent sleeping bags with pockets out there.


Hammocks are lightweight

Because of its natural design, the hammock is often lighter than other traditional outdoor bedding that can weigh up to 25 pounds. This makes it great for camping trips, as a weight limit may be imposed on some trips (like certain car camping) where campers need to take their gear in an emergency situation. It is also lighter than most hammocks that are commercially sold, which is good if you plan on taking your hammock over long distances (this also means it can withstand long periods of time outdoors).

Hammock camping tents that have two poles make this easy and lightweight as well. In fact, one of our readers actually used a four-pole hammock camping tent to travel across the US (from Los Angeles to St. Louis) and this camping experience made her and her family fall in love with hammock camping. A hammock is also lighter than a traditional sleeping bag, especially if you are carrying it in your backpack or back car racks. So yes, a hammock is often much lighter than traditional bedding.

Sleeping in a hammock is great for beginners

If you’re new to hammocks, buying a sleeping bag that has already been tested with it can be helpful. The advantage of getting a good sleeping bag that already has an established rating on it is that you will know what the ideal temperature is for your specific climate (e.g., high desert temperatures). This means that you can get more sleep under less stress as long as the environment stays around the optimal temperature range of your sleeping bag. So having a good guide when buying anything is always great. Sleeping bags without zippers are also good for beginners because they make it easy for kids to get in and out of it as well.

sleeping in a hammock

Beautiful young African-American woman with mobile phone resting in hammock outdoors

Hammocks are great for families

Since hammocks are lightweight, they are perfect for camping with young children or even a whole family. This means that you will all be able to enjoy the outdoors without any extra weight that you have to carry around. You can enjoy the scenery around you and bring your children along on all your trips.

Sleeping bags with zippers aren’t good for camping families, but sleeping bags without zippers can be great if you plan on taking them with you while camping as a kid. Because they are portable, they also make great backup options when planning your camping trip at home or going away for a weekend, or even just for a day.

sleeping in a hammock

African-American man reading book while relaxing in hammock outdoors

Cons of Sleeping in a hammock

They are usually quite uncomfortable and difficult to sleep in. They are also rather small, so they do not offer much space for you to stretch out.

How to choose a Hammock

To choose the right hammock for your needs, think about how much you will be using it and how comfortable you would like it to be.

Hammocks are a great addition to any camping experience and will make you love camping in the outdoors even more. Because they are so versatile and offer so much space, they are a great option for almost any kind of camping experience. The next time you’re camping, you’ll want to give a hammock a try.

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