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Places to Spice up Your Malindi Nightlife

by Archie
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Malindi is well known for its vibrant and sparkly nightlife. It is home to many exemplary modern clubs and casinos. If you are here either alone or with friends and are the party-going type, then Malindi will not disappoint you.

Here is just a list of many clubs and night chill-out places to choose from:

La Rosada

Located on the town’s most charming beach, Silversands, Club Rosada is perhaps the most beautiful beach club in the town. It is set overlooking the ocean and the light refreshing breeze is something you will definitely love.
Its full bar offers a variety of drinks that accommodates almost everyone. Here, you will never have to worry about whether or not you will find a drink of your taste because high chances are that it is available. We all know getting intoxicated on an empty stomach usually turns into a disaster though, right? So feel free to visit its restaurant first before downing a few glasses of your favourite drink. The restaurant offers a variety of delicious seafood, Italian pizza, barbeque, and international cuisines.
At Club La Rosada, you will not have to worry about extra parking fees as there is free parking. There is also free Wi-Fi that will help you catch up with your online fans without having to worry about data costs. With a separate smoking area available, you can be sure to make new friends too while enjoying your cigars.

Cheers Juice Bar

Cheers Juice Bar is a tiny roadside bar that closes at 10 pm daily. This place offers only fresh fruit juices and has a lovely garden that will provide you with just the right kind of relaxation. It serves the best cocktails and fruit mixes in Malindi and is ideal for hanging out with your teenage sons and daughters while on holiday in Malindi. We don’t always have to toast to alcoholic beverages, right?

Stars and Garters Lounge Bar

This bar is open 24/7 and is usually busiest between 7 pm and 3 am. The waitstaff is friendly, courteous, and always ready to serve you with food and drinks of your choice on request. The food offered here is mostly African and a visit to this place will give you a chance to enjoy African meals, especially nyama choma that is very popular among Kenyan club goers. You will enjoy some decent live music all through the night and you can even make reservations prior to your night out. Just as its name suggests, be ready to see both the stars and garters on your night out here!

Fermento Karaoke and Piano Bar

Places to Spice up Your Malindi Nightlife - fermento - clubs in Malindi

Places to Spice up Your Malindi Nightlife – Fermento: a club in Malindi | Photo Courtesy of Malindikenya.net

Fermento opens at 8 pm and closes at 5.30 am every day except Mondays. It is a perfect choice for a night out in Malindi and is mostly full of both locals and tourists. The services here are amazing and there is plenty of drinks to choose from at the bar that will get you in a free-spirited mood for the dance floor to ensure that you enjoy your night out with your buddies to the fullest! Also, who cares if your voice only sounds good while in the bathroom? Here, you will have a chance to sing your lungs out from the long list of songs that definitely includes all your favourites too.

What do you think about our recommendations? Please let us know what you think is missing out on this list on the comments section below or suggest send us a message using your favourite social media platform: @malindians

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