Places to Shop From While in Malindi

A vacation does not only consist of living in luxurious hotels and visiting beautiful sceneries and sites all the time. Even if you aren’t a shopaholic, sometimes you just have to tag your loved one, family or friends along for an amazing shopping day out. Malindi has a good number of places you could shop from and get interesting items at affordable prices:

  1. Mizizi Ya Afrika

Mizizi Ya Afrika is a boutique that sells masks, jewelry, beautifully carved calabashes, bowls, and some of the best carvings from Zanzibar and West Africa. The artifacts sold here, although quite pricey, are more than worth your cents. Carry at least one thing from here and your friends back at home won’t stop marveling at its beauty once they see it. If you want some artistic carvings, then this is, with no doubt, the place to go.

  1. Kipepeo

All your clothing needs will be taken care of at Kipepeo and you will be more than satisfied with anything that you will get from this place. If you want to look sexy and show off your hot body on your next visit to the beach, be sure to get some of the most gorgeous imported Italian bikinis and swimming trunks from Kipepeo. If you want to carry an interesting souvenir for your mama back at home, then the unique lovely kaftans that are sold here will bring your search to a stop. And if you want to awaken that wild goddess in you back in the hotel room with your love, worry no more! The lingerie sold at Kipepeo is definitely more than what you need.

  1. Karen Blixen Vintage Shop

Just as its name suggests, this shop is full of all sorts of vintage items ranging from accessories to household items such as flower vases, musical instruments, and clothes. It is great for people who are enthusiastic about anything that has a vintage touch or look on it. If you are one or have a friend who is, getting something from this shop will certainly make your heart leap with joy once it is in your possession.

  1. Nafisa Store

This is one of the most interesting shops in Malindi and is great for general shopping business activities. Here, you will find great pieces of Africana and vintage furnishings that you can gift yourself or your loved ones at the end of your vacation.

Although shopping is a fun activity, be careful not to overspend on things you hadn’t initially planned for. It is important to have an idea of what you would love to buy and a separate shopping budget with you so that you can easily keep track of your spending.

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