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Packing in 30 Minutes

by Archie
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Whether it is your regular last-minute rush or one of those “wya?” texts, we’ve all found ourselves in at least one instance of being required to pack within the least time possible. Now we all know that when you receive such a text, you have less than 30 seconds to reply to it as high chances are that whoever asked you that just came up with a bomb ass plan of having mad fun.

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done the day after tomorrow as well”

~Mark Twain


But what if it is one of those that require you to pack for a last-minute plan? Follow the following tips and get to know how you can easily beat time while packing for an impromptu journey or a road trip:

Prepare a Checklist

Don’t start preparing a checklist the moment you realize you have less than an hour to pack. Instead, always have a travel checklist that you can always use each time you travel. The checklist can be stored somewhere in your phone or you can have a handwritten one stuck up on your wall. Having a checklist generally simplifies packing and helps you remember all the essentials you may need on your journey.

Have Ready-to-go Items

Try to always have items stored in a small bag that you can easily toss into your suitcase at short notice so that whenever you may need to travel, you will just have to carry the whole bag instead of starting to look for one item at a time. Invest in travel size bottles and containers that you can use to store your hair products, sanitizer, moisturizer, body lotion, and other personal effects.

Lay Out Everything Before Packing

Doing this will help you spot any missing item in good time and it will give you an allowance of getting it before you start packing. If you already have everything you need, stuffing your suitcase can take less than 10 minutes.

Organize Your Suitcase

After making sure you’ve got everything you need, you’re only left with the main thing – packing. Don’t just throw stuff into your suitcase. Your clothes and other items must be organized so that they all fit into the suitcase. Start by placing rolled items at the bottom of your suitcase, followed by fragile items cushioned in the middle, then put items that you may need on arrival such as flip flops and pajamas at the top. Finish up by covering your stuff with a large item such as a towel and tucking it in around the sides of the suitcase. Doing this ensures that all your items stay in place each time you lift your suitcase.

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