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Launch of Malindi Kenya Tourism Guide Magazine – December 2018 Issue



malindi kenya tourism guide - malindians

Like I have heard from many people, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. The same can be said with Malindians, a platform that has endeavored to promote both tourism and business within the greater region of Malindi. The platform has greatly used a website (blogging platform), social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market Malindi town in a bid to improve the visibility of Malindi on the internet.

What’s behind Malindi Kenya Tourism Guide Magazine?

The Tourism Guide magazine looks to create a platform that provides information for both visitors and citizens of the attractions, hotels, hotel offers, events, news and other essential information about Malindi Kenya.

The number of people that have embraced technology keeps on growing by the day, and many organizations have changed ways to target these market. Malindians, in this case, is targeting more than just the people thronging social media for news and information but also the ones that would fancy a good read from a magazine.

The magazine looks to mash-up both tourism information for visitors and nicely written pieces for the local a way that locals can continue being informed.

What is inside Malindi Kenya Tourism Guide

Malindians magazine Dec 2018 table of contents 723x1024 - Launch of Malindi Kenya Tourism Guide Magazine - December 2018 Issue


“What’s Hot”

The magazine looks into what is hot in Malindi. This is a segment that will feature selected events that will be going down in Malindi town for the month. A detailed description of what you expect to find, the location of the event and entry fees inf any as well as the host of the event have provided.


Malindi Kenya long list of things to do and places to visit. It is prudent for an information site to regularly remind visitors of the best sights to visit while in town. This also serves to tell them what to expect and will go a long way in helping visitors plan their trips well. As you know, Vasco da Gama pillar is one of our main attractions. However, that is not all that we have in Malindi.

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“Staying Out”

One of the biggest headaches when it comes to planning a trip to foreign places is choosing a place to stay. knows this and have come with recommendations of places to stay that are reasonable in prices and gives adequate pieces of information about these hotels. This segments will reviews Hotels in Malindi on a monthly basis trying to reduce the stress that comes with choosing one.





Komzinski is a Research and Monitoring Assistant at the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT). He enjoys the outdoors and travelling. When not travelling, Athuman enjoys volunteering at the local beach management unit, playing soccer, and coding together with friends planning on their next tech startup project.

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