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Travelling to Malindi: How to Survive a Long Flight



travelling to malindi - how to survive a long flight

Flights are usually fast, comfortable, and convenient. Some people enjoy flights while others hate them. Malindi is serviced with Malindi Airport that has daily flights from Nairobi to Malindi and Lamu to Malindi. These are incredibly short flights, utmost, an hour long. However, Malindi receives visitors from many parts of the world. Places that would require long flights. Long flights can be very boring if you did not adequately prepare for them. But they are inevitable when you need to travel from one corner of the earth to another, which maybe tens of thousands of kilometers apart. Such long flights, however, can be so much fun and interesting if you follow the following tips on how to survive a long flight:

Wear Comfortable Clothes

comfiest airplane pants long flights - Travelling to Malindi: How to Survive a Long Flight

If you are going to be on a long flight; flights that are going to be longer than 20 hours, then you definitely don’t want to be stuck adjusting your pair of jeans from time to time just to be comfortable. Clothes like sweatpants and t-shirts are great for long flights as they are usually very comfortable.

Load up Your Devices

entertainment devices during long flight easy listening - Travelling to Malindi: How to Survive a Long Flight

Make sure your devices are loaded up with different modes of entertainment. They may include games, music, audiobooks, and what-not. These will keep you entertained for the most part of the journey.

Carry Your Chargers during a long flight

white braided iphone cable for long flights - Travelling to Malindi: How to Survive a Long Flight

Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or laptop charger, make sure you have it with you before boarding the plane. This will ensure that all your devices/gadgets are powered up throughout the entire flight, and what is more interesting than using your devices freely without having to worry about running low on battery?

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Pack Your Own Accessories

Things like moisturizers, eye masks, and earplugs will come in handy during your flight. Don’t forget to pack them as not so many airlines provide such for their clients.

Bring Your Own Pillow and a Blanket on a long flight

I usually prefer neck pillows as they offer all-round support. They prevent your head from falling sideways or to the front and are very comfortable. There are many types of travel pillows so you can easily find one that fits your liking. Your blanket doesn’t have to be huge and heavy as you’re also trying not to carry too much. It may be a sizeable one that is enough to keep you warm if need be.

Book a seat that is convenient for you during a long flight

Seats near the windows are better if you know you will be sleeping for the most part of the journey. If you are a person who can’t sit for long and may need to stretch from time to time, then a seat near the aisle is better as your seatmates won’t have to excuse you each time you need to stretch.

Bring Extra Snacks during long flights

Sometimes you may want to munch on something out of the airline’s feeding schedule. Pack your own snacks so that you won’t always have to rely on those provided in the plane. One advantage of bringing your own snacks onboard is that you will not have to worry about whether or not you are going to be impressed by the choice of snacks provided by the airline.

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Stay hydrated during long flights

One of the main causes of jetlag is dehydration. Always make sure you are dehydrated by drinking a lot of water to avoid feeling weak during the flight. Staying hydrated will also make sure that you arrive at your destination feeling alive.
The above tips will definitely help you survive the long flights that you (perhaps) initially hated.



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