8 Top businesses that can do well in and around Malindi Airport

Malindi Airport can offer an opportunity for quite a good number of businesses to thrive. Especially now that it has an international Status to it and expansions are underway to increase its capacity as well as enable it to handle direct international flights. Take a look at some of the businesses you can invest in:

1. Taxi Services

People have to move from one place to another. So what more can be better than having a reliable private car that can transport people from the airport to their specific destinations? An investment in such a business is very likely to pay off. Due to the constant hot weather in Malindi, you can even improve your taxi services by serving your clients chilled bottled water.

2. Welcoming Services

When visitors are treated like VIPs, then they are more likely to visit the place again in the future and even bring along more people. A good welcoming service will make the Malindi experience more memorable. You can set up a small welcoming troupe at the airport that plays local music to the visitors who come to Malindi town. This can even be made more interesting by gifting the visitors’ small cultural items such as traditional necklaces and bracelets.

3. Bar and Restaurant

At times people like to chill around the airport, either waiting for visitors or before leaving for their hotel rooms. What more could someone ask for than a plate of some local Swahili pilau or a bottle of cold beer? Set up a bar and restaurant and observe high hygienic standards for people to feel comfortable to grab a bite from your restaurant.

4. Photography

Who wouldn’t want to have a memory frozen in time when they visit a new place? You could set up a modern photo booth where visitors can take photos in and print them out for them. Although many people own smartphones and taking a photo is as easy as just swiping and clicking a button on the phone, many still value tangible photos that they can create an album with.

5. Travel Guide Magazine

Don’t let your graphic design skills go to waste. You could design simple travel guide magazines that you can sell to visitors at a fair price. Partner with a good photographer who will take cool photos of different places in Malindi that you can add to your travel guide magazines.

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6. Massage Parlour

Be determined to offer the best neck and back massages and tourists will hardly resist stopping by your massage parlour at the airport after a long tiring flight.


7. Foreign Exchange

With a little bit of experience in this sector, you can make a decent income from buying and selling foreign currencies.

8. Resting Rooms

This is convenient for locals who reside around the airport. Rather than letting that extra room in your house collecting dust and books and other unused items, why don’t you convert it into a decent room where visitors can lie for a few hours? Some people aren’t usually here to stay for long and may just want a place to freshen up and get a little rest before going about their businesses. That extra room in your house can do just that!

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