How to look Good in a Bikini

The desire to look good in a bikini is common in women whether they are going out to swim, getting ready for a beach party, gearing up for a bikini season or just updating their Instagram, Facebook or and Whatsapp profile photo. Wearing a bikini and rocking it can be quite intimidating. This is because most times people are fully dressed. Fortunately, with the best selected of a fitting bikini, some little confidence and a little effort from your end, a few tips from you can look the best in one and focus on having fun the next time you hit Malindi beaches on the Indian Ocean or swimming pools on the town of Malindi on the coast of Kenya, East Africa.

rocking a bikini while in malindi kenya super composed
Lovebattleship rocking a bikini while in Malindi | Credits: lovebattleship on Instagram

There are a complete guide and methodology to follow in order to rock in a bikini. However, this is not a given and might not be the case for every individual.

  1. Experimenting with different styles of bikinis and fits

I guess you already know that bikinis come in many different patterns, colours and cuts that are geared towards serving to flatter different body shapes differently. This goes with asking, if you happen to be uncomfortable with a certain size or fit, you should not be afraid to ask for help in choosing the right size or style and fit for your body type.

Do not focus on the sizes that a printed on the tags that come along with the bikini as these sizes tend to differ with every brand. You should also keep in mind that mixing or matching a top and bottom goes a long way in making you look the best.

Pam Haile Posing on the rocks
Pam Haile Posing on the rocks | Credits: Pam_haile

2. Wear a supportive top.

Every woman has a unique figure. With this said, you have a responsibility of figuring out what bikini looks best with her body shape. The main objective of putting on a bikini is looking great and owning your body. This can only be achieved by putting on a supportive bikini top that is flattering to the body.

For those who are small on top, bikini tops with padding and underwire work best for them. The underwire and padding tend to accentuate the type of body structure. These tops can have adjustable straps that can be tightened appropriately when necessary. Some of the common tops for such body types are bandeau tops, ruffle tops and tri-tops.

For those who a big on top, there is a need for them to choose tops that have extra support. This can be achieved by an underwire and wide straps. Wide straps tops can also be more comfortable compared to their thinner spaghetti strapped counterparts. Halter neck tops are a flattering recommendation as they tend to highlight cleavage. People with this body type should always stay clear of trip-tops and strapless bandeau tops

rocking a bikini while in malindi kenya pose with a dhow
Rocking a bikini while in Malindi Kenya pose with a dhow

3. Compliment your legs with the perfect bottoms.

Fortunately, bottoms come in a wide variety many of fits and styles making it impossible for the many different cuts of bikini bottoms to miss an ideal fits that can flatter any woman’s unique body type. There is a fit for those who you want to add length to their legs or also to those who want to add dimension. To keep yourself in check with the above, make use of the tips below:

If you have shorter legs or torso, always find a bikini that will make them look longer. This can be achieved by a bikini that has a high cut on the thigh. high cuts tend to make the legs seem longer. Such a look is striking for people with both straight and curvy hips. Wearing bikini suits with vertical lines tend to visually help lengthen the body.

For people with longer bodies and legs, bikinis with jewels, ruffles, bows and ties help a lot in adding dimensions to their bodies. These jewels and other embellishments should be located around the hips and bust. For them, bikini with horizontal lines and bright colours are recommended.

rocking a bikini while in malindi kenya amazing pose
Rocking a bikini while in Malindi Kenya amazing pose

4. Create curves for a narrow body.

Rocking a bikini requires a little creativity. For those who lack curves either on the top or bottom part of their body, they need to find a bikini that will create some, or maybe an illusion of curves. The most recommended styles should be high waisted bikini bottoms with ruffles and bows. Alternatively, a strapless bikini suit can be a great fit. It is recommended to wear a solid coloured bikini bottom. Bottoms with fun prints mixed with embellished bikini tops tend to create an illusion of an hourglass figure. However, you should keep off wearing tops and bottoms with the same solid colour or those with vertical lines.

rocking a bikini while in malindi kenya camo bikini

5. Bikini with proper coverage.

If you are “plus size’ or have a “blessed” bottom, it is advisable for you to put on a miniskirt bikini styled bottom. These have great coverage. for those who fancy ruffles and bows, leave these for the bikini top. You should pick bottoms that are smooth and will not add volume to your already endowed bottom. You should also try to avoid bikini made of shouting prints and colours.

It might come to you as a cliche, but a picture speaks a thousand words. There is no better motivation on how to rock a bikini than seeing another person killing it. We have taken it to Instagram to sample some of the best bikini fits worn around the second biggest town after the port city of Mombasa – the Town of Malindi. Some of them were taken on Golden sand beaches, white sand beaches, at Mida Creek, in beach resorts and even at the two National Marine parks. This is a clear indicator of what a fashion statement a bikini worn in appropriate places in this tourist town of Malindi.

 rocking bikini in Malindi


 rocking bikini in Malindi


 rocking bikini in Malindi

 rocking bikini in Malindi  rocking bikini in Malindi


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