Travel Guide: Backpack Vs Suitcase

Most of us may be in a dilemma when it comes to choosing what to carry while travelling. Should you pack your stuff in a backpack or a suitcase? Both types of bags are ideal for travelling but it is better to know the one that will suit you best. You can choose between the two, putting factors like the size of your luggage and the length of your trip into consideration. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each:


A backpack is a large bag, usually with a belt and padded shoulder straps, used to carry things on your back. It is mostly used by people who go camping or hiking. Backpacks come in a variety of designs and sizes. It is therefore close to impossible not to find one that you would like if you are one who is interested in backpacks.

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  • Larger backpacks have more pockets. This means that you will have more and better ways to organize your small items. Items like combs, toothbrushes, and wipes can sit really well in these pockets.
  • The fact that backpacks are usually carried on the back makes it more mobile than a suitcase. If need be, it is easier to run around carrying a backpack than a suitcase.
  • It is easier to keep an eye on your backpack when traveling. In fact, you may not even need to do that because a backpack will always be attached to your back.
  • A backpack can be used for multiple purposes; either for backpacking or for travelling.


  • It is more difficult to organize your clothes in a backpack than it is in a suitcase. When using a backpack, you have to make sure that you have mastered the art of rolling clothes since folding clothes in a backpack almost never works.
  • Some backpacks rest in weird shapes on your back if not properly stuffed.
  • It is uncomfortable to always carry a bag full of your belongings on your back. Eventually, you will get tired and your shoulders will feel sore.
  • Since backpacks have many pockets, it is difficult to securely lock it.

Backpacks are best when you have a diverse travel itinerary that may require you to use different modes of transport to each destination.


A suitcase is a large rectangular case with a hinged lid, used for carrying clothes and other personal possessions while travelling. Suitcases often have wheels that make it possible to roll them around.

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  • It is easier to organize clothes in a suitcase. All you need to know when using a suitcase is to neatly fold your clothes. Some suitcases even have compartments that separate clean clothes from dirty clothes.
  • Suitcases hardly make you feel tired. This is because you only need to wheel them around if you want to move from one place to another. Surely, wheeling a bag is less tedious than carrying one on your back, right?
  • Most suitcases are waterproof. With a waterproof suitcase and unpredictable weather conditions, you will not have to worry about your stuff getting soaked in case you get caught up in the rain.
  • It is easier to lock a suitcase. All you need is one or two padlocks at most and the stuff in your suitcase will be safe from theft.
  • In case you may often need to pack and repack, it is easier to do so in a suitcase.


  • It is difficult to be mobile with a suitcase. Moving around with a suitcase is more difficult in crowded places or if you’re using public transportation.
  • Good suitcases are quite expensive. Spending money on cheap suitcases will only ruin your vacation as the wheels of such is very likely to be squeaky and the zippers weak.
  • Wheeling a suitcase is only possible on tarmac or smooth surfaces. In case you find yourself in a place with rough terrain, you will regret ever carrying a suitcase.

Suitcases are best when you will be staying at one place for long. They are ideal when travelling to weddings, vacations or even business trips.

Suitcases on Malindians

With all these in mind, choosing a backpack or a suitcase while travelling shouldn’t be such a difficult task.

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