8 Amazing tips on how to Be a Better Houseguest this Holiday

When someone offers to host you over the holiday, the least you can do is be on your best behaviour throughout the whole period. If you’re going to be hosted either by a friend or relative this holiday, then do follow the following tips to make sure your stay doesn’t become a nuisance:

1. Bring a gift

This is an unwritten rule that every house guest should follow. Try by all means not to arrive empty-handed. It is good to bring along a bottle of wine/champagne, or anything that you think your host will love.

2. Ask for the ground rules

Most hosts will try to make you feel as comfortable as they possibly can and the phrase “Feel at home” won’t be so foreign to your ears. This doesn’t give you a pass for getting away with behaviours that your host can’t entertain. Be polite enough to ask for the ground rules and try to follow them.

3. Clean up after yourself

Nobody wants to host anyone who can’t maintain a good personal hygiene. Don’t leave your towels on the floor and spread your bed every morning. Make sure that your room is always in order.

4. Lend a helping hand

Always keep in mind that you’re in someone’s house and not a hotel where the hotel staff will get things done for you with a snap of the finger. Help around with the house chores, especially if your host doesn’t have a house help. Offer to do the dishes or even prepare a meal for the them.

5. Leave your picky eating habits at home

You can be as picky as you want when you are at home, but once you get to your host’s place, do eat what is provided. Inform them of any allergies that you may have and if you are on special diet, be considerate to bring your own special meals; don’t make your host incur extra costs just so that you can have special treatment.

6. Avoid snooping around

Did your host tell you not to go into a certain room? Respect that and resist all temptations to snoop around the house. Avoid opening shut doors without knocking first and (I cannot stress this enough) DON’T go through your host’s personal items. Nobody loves that.

7. Don’t extend your welcome

Everyone loves their personal space so be clear about your arrival and departure dates. Avoid extending your stay but if at all you won’t be able to leave on the planned date for whatever reason, simply inform them and ask if it’ll be okay for them to host you for an extra day or two.

8. Say “Thank You”

A simple “Thank you for letting me stay at your place. You’re such an amazing host!” can go a long way in making your host feel appreciated and even invite you for a second stay at their place.

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