7 Outfit Ideas for Women on Malindi Beaches in 2022

We all go to the beach for different reasons; strolling along the beach, reading a good book, experiencing the cool beach breeze, or simply enjoying a swim in the ocean. What is constant, and true to every lady though, is that we all want to look good while at the beach. Looking and feeling good is not always about rocking a sexy bikini baby girl, you can always experiment with what you have in your closet to come up with simple happy-go-lucky looks while on Malindi beaches for the holidays!

1. A kimono over a bikini
If worn in the right way, kimonos always add a sassy look to any outfit. A kimono will come in handy on your beach day if you want to show off your sexy bikini while providing some coverage if need be.


2. Crop top and a sarong
Sarongs are a must-have for any lady planning on going to the beach while on holiday in Malindi. They are light and easy to manipulate. If you are handy and creative, then you will probably have a great time creating different outfits for your beach days using your sarongs. Pair it up with an off-shoulder crop top to give you that carefree vibe while at the beach.



3. Accessorize yourself
Your cute sunglasses, hoops, necklaces, and bracelets also want to know what it feels like to be at the beach. Do not preserve them for romantic dinner dates and events only. These accessories uniquely complement any beach outfit. Sunglasses and sunhats can hardly go wrong with any beach outfit so feel free to make them a part of your beachwear.

accessorize on the beach with sunglasses

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

4. Button-down and a bikini bottom
You probably have a few button-downs in your closet. Get creative with one of those to come up with a cute beach outfit that is definitely going to be unique. Unbutton the two or three upper buttons of the shirt and wear it as an off-shoulder. Match it up with one of your bikini bottoms and you will be ready to slay your day at the beach!

button down and bikini


5. Button-down and a pair of shorts
There are many outfits that you can create for yourself from a button-down. Wear one of those with cute shorts and a pair of sandals. To achieve a sassier look, you can fold the sleeves of your shirt just a little bit, loosen a button or two at the top, and tie a knot at the bottom of your shirt to show off your shorts.

button down and a pair of shorts


6. Playsuits
Playsuits are one of the most comfortable outfits you will ever wear and can be worn by women of different body shapes and sizes. For beachwear, colourful playsuits are recommended. They go well with a pair of flat gladiator sandals and a sunhat or sunglasses.

playsuit floral



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