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5 amazing Advice for first time travellers to Malindi Kenya

by komzinski
5 amazing Advice for first-time travellers to Malindi Kenya

Most of us prefer being in the company of other people when having fun. For some of us, it is so serious that we can’t sit by ourselves at a restaurant to have a meal. The company, more than often, makes us feel a little bit safer than when we are on our own, and also makes experiences much more fun and interesting. But what do you do when you really want to travel somewhere and all your friends have busy schedules?

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

~Helen Keller

Definitely go on with your plans, be adventurous and have fun! There is always a first time for everything and travelling (alone) for the first time can be quite frightening. Worry not though; the following tips can help to keep you safe and make your first-time travel experience as good as it possibly can be:

Know Your Country’s Embassy Information

Knowing your country’s embassy information in foreign countries can be helpful in so many situations. Be sure to have their contact information or better yet, know their location too. Your country’s embassy is the only one that can help you stay in contact with your family in case of emergency.

Know Your Country’s Embassy Information


Walk With Confidence

Even though you may not be familiar with the streets and places, walk with your head high; walk like you know where you are going. You may need to use Google Maps from time to time but instead of constantly staring down at your phone, plug in your earphones and listen to the voice guide. This will help you stay alert, focused, and more aware of your surroundings rather than staring at your phone for directions, which may alert potential attackers who can easily know that you are a newbie.

Be Alert at Bars

In case you visit the bar, always stay alert. Never leave your drink unattended and be careful while interacting with strangers. Travelling alone can be a good opportunity for you to meet and make new friends but be cautious too – not everyone has good intentions.

Dress Inconspicuously

Always try to blend in and avoid standing out at most times. Research and find out what the locals generally wear and try to pack similar clothes too for your trip. Blending in with people at a new place will make you feel more comfortable and at ease, as you will feel like you belong. It will also help to keep pickpockets and other potential attackers away from you.

Avoid Carrying Too Many Gadgets

Gadgets and other electronics are very likely to slow you down. You will definitely want to take pictures of the places you will visit but you really don’t need to carry your huge digital camera for this – your smartphone can equally do the same thing. Leave your laptop at home since you are very likely not to use it during your vacation, even in your free time. Your smartphone is (almost) the only gadget you may need for your trip.

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