5 affordable places to eat in Malindi by Moureen Salome

The measure of whether something is affordable is a discussion that will never end. However, to me, the term affordable is relative to the person talking and the metrics used. One of the main things observed by any budget traveller is the affordability of a destination. Affordable in this case usually refers to cheap. According to the oxford dictionary cheap means:

low in price, especially in relation to similar items or services.

Budget travellers often lookout for cheap accommodation, transportation, and even places to eat. These tend to reduce the cost of the trip and even make it worthwhile.

Moureen Salome of Malindi Blogspot took the liberty to sample a number of restaurants within Malindi town to come with a list of “the”  5 affordable places to eat in Malindi. It wasn’t an easy feat to pull as the review was done in under two days. You can imagine the amount of food to eat 😋.


My Take on the List ( Good,  bad and the ugly)

1. Video Quality

The video quality was amazing. Of course, it was done by Marvin Brudhas (Brudhas blockbuster). The cinematics by the producer is always something to look out for whenever I hear of Marvin.

2. Short and precise

Moureen just got started and started right. Unlike other channels, where you will have to endure 15 minutes of a person going from one mode of transportation to another, she was pretty straight to the point. This makes it watchable without one getting exhausted.

3. Class

Most of the spots that made on her list were what we term as eateries and small joints within the town. None of the established restaurants made it to the list. It would have been amazing had it included “nicer” places to eat out that would drive people of different social classes.

4.  Consistency

There was inconsistency all through the list. The meals were totally randoms. She chose to pick pizza in one place and maandazi in another.

5. Culture

For a coastal town, I expected to see her try out more  Swahili or Giriama meals. These are the predominant communities and make up the local cuisine.


All in all, it was an amazing review. Surprisingly, I was not aware of some of the eateries she had mentioned and I am looking forward to going to sample some of the meals she tried out.


Do you think you have a better list of the most affordable places in Malindi? Please do not hesitate to comment in the box below.

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