Transport network in Malindi

Bus Stops in Malindi

Most bus stops are located in the center of Malindi town. The buses travel to various destinations such as Nairobi, Lamu, Eldoret, Kisumu, and so on. Areas around the bus stops are usually bursting with vibrancy as people and tuk-tuks jostle past. The big buses travel to far destinations while smaller ones ferry passengers around town and the outskirts of Malindi. Travelling by buses or minivans is much safer nowadays as people are obeying traffic rules and regulations. The minibuses are locally known as “matatu” and usually carry passengers within the Malindi district but some travel as far as Mombasa. Moreover, the tarmac road is now in a much better condition than a couple years back making one’s travel a smooth experience.


Cabs and Taxis

Cabs and taxis in Malindi are well maintained and are safer to travel in. The cabs usually carry people around town but may also reach the outskirts such as Marafa Hell’s Kitchen which is a tourist attraction. Some may even reach Mombasa but provided the cab is driven by an experienced driver.

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