Packing in 30 Minutes

Whether it is your regular last-minute rush or one of those “wya?” texts, we’ve all found ourselves in at least…

5 months ago

Travelling With Kids just made easy

Even though children can be an uplifting source of joy in our lives, they can also be a nuisance sometimes.…

5 months ago

8 types of travellers you should know about

If you are a frequent traveller, then you probably know what type of traveller you are by now. If you…

5 months ago

How to save money while on vacation in Malindi

Going on a vacation is perhaps the best way to treat yourself, and is usually on the bucket list of…

5 months ago

Packing Tips & Tricks

I have always had to rely on my mom to do all my packing for me. She does it so…

5 months ago

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