How far is Malindi from Watamu?

Mary Njoroge asked 3 months ago

I am curious to know the distance and probably the time to drive from Watamu to Malindi

1 Answers
komzinski Staff answered 3 months ago

Watamu Kenya is about 25 kilometers from Malindi town. Considering that you will take the most common and popular mode of transport, travelling by road, you are going to take about 34 minutes. Public transportation (Matatu) is available from the new bus station or popularly know as Stage Mpya. These are the most reliable and cheap means of transport from Malindi to Watamu. However, in some instances, they might take longer than 30 mins to travel between the two places.
With a budget, you can get a taxi and private vehicles to get you to Watamu. These are most convenient in the event you have a lot of luggage or you have a plane to catch.