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The untold story of Black Legend



Passion AYK - Black Legend

Just like many other people who start up different businesses, the owner of Black Legend didn’t know how big the name would grow when he first thought of opening the studio. Back in the days, a famous Malindian guitarist, Mzee Dennis, was looking for a venue where his band could carry out their regular rehearsals and the generous Fundi Konde provided him with a room where Mzee Dennis and his band practiced in the afternoons.

His son, Passion, had an interest in music and would tag along each time his father went for band practice at Konde’s place. With the help of a producer called Sango and the availability of a computer and band equipment, the duo would regularly compose and record songs. It wasn’t long before Mzee Dennis had a place of his own, and this led him to transfer his band equipment to his place as this would have been more convenient for him.

Passion AYK 4  - The untold story of Black Legend

Passion’s passion for music drove him to convert the former rehearsal space used by his father and his band into a music production studio, and it was then that Black Legend was born. Sango continues to produce music not only for Black Legend Studio but also other studios as well. Studios like Inspyce and Malindi Records have had a good share of Sango’s expertise in music production. He has also managed to nurture a good number of Malindi artistes who now fall under ‘AYK (Awamu Ya Kwanza) Records’ label.

To date, a good number of artists in Malindi continue to benefit from Black Legend Studio and AYK Records, thanks to the two, Passion and Sango.

Komzinski is a Research and Monitoring Assistant at the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT). He enjoys the outdoors and travelling. When not travelling, Athuman enjoys volunteering at the local beach management unit, playing soccer, and coding together with friends planning on their next tech startup project.

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