Double OmSome

Double OmSome first encounter with music was way back while still in class two or three when he heard the song I can by Nas. From there on, he knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to do music. After he was done with primary school he started writing music. He fondly remembers writing a very long music verse.

When he got into secondary school, Mombasa Secondary, that is when he actualized his dream of actually making music. In form two, that is when he recorded in his first single. He recorded Zuena, a typical Swahili lovey-dovey single under Master Kinoo, his very first producer. On this track, he featured an artist from Likoni, where most of the parts he sang were the chorus.  Most of his classmates back then financed his music and in return got mentions in his songs.

After high school, about 2008, he formed a crew with Samchizi known as “The Schools” which didn’t last long and saw Samchizi dive into video production. The group was able to accomplish an album before the duo split their separate ways.

Accomplishment of Double OmSome

For the last 13 years, Double OmSome has been able to produce 3 albums, Never lay low (9 tracks), Fuatilizia, and a third one that was self-produced using a smartphone.

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