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Music has inspired many to do what they do today. believe it or not, many people can’t survive a day without listening at least to one song. Binti Racquel has been singing since a tender age and getting to know what inspires her is our goal today. Here is what she says about herself


What Notes can Binti Racquel hit?

I can range from loud, violent vocals to quiet whispers and high pitched false to like vocals, you can listen to two of my songs “This Christmas” and “Style up”

What are the most important characteristics of Binti Racquel’s art?

Having self-confidence in you by believing in yourself and setting out goals and targets and focusing on how to achieve them.

What is the main thing that Binti Racquel wants her art to communicate to viewers?

One should believe in themselves, you should know that in everything you do, passion is the secret to great success.

How is Binti Racquel’s personal history relate to the art she produces?

I came from a tribe who loves music, am a Pokomo by tribe our Kenyan National Anthem was derived from a Pokomo lullaby song, my dad and my grandparents were great singers and writers, though then nobody bothered to record any songs, they used to sing and write church songs. I was in the church choir at age 13, till 2015 yrs back, then I decide to start composing my own songs, I recorded my first audio song in November 2015, the song called “THIS CHRISTMAS”

What makes Binti Racquel’s process and approach different from that of other artists?

A song is like a great message from one’s heart, that you want to share with your fans and everyone else, I think someone has to be free and relaxed when writing a song, and air out what he or she feels emotional about.

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Who are Binti Racquel’s role models?

My work and passion for music are influenced by Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson, I may not sound exactly like them but they stand to be my role model and my inspiration, they showed me what real music is both your inner peace and physical strength.


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