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Tsavo Road

Tsavo road is one of the most important section or rather neighbourhood in Malindi, running through Majengo neighbourhood, the 24 hours economy hub of Malindi Town. It connects Oginga Street and Kenyatta road and Sabaki Pharmacy.

Malindi Town clean up 101 - Tsavo RoadCafé & Eateries
Tsavo road restaurant
This cafe is located just next to the Tsavo guest house, it is a quiet place for those who want to relax and their food is mostly African dishes.
Dream Café
This café is located opposite the Tahdhib Muslim academy, and its meals are mostly African dishes.

Hotels & Guest Houses
Tsavo Road Guest.
If you find yourself in this neighborhood and are looking for a place to sleep, this is your answer. The rates are very affordable and it’s just near the road.
Danga Guest House
This is another guest house not far from Tsavo guest house. The rates are very affordable.

Entertainment Spots
Kienyeji Bar
This is one of the best entertainment spots in Malindi. It is a big favorite amongst locals. It has a bar a restaurant and guest rooms.
One Love pub
This club is found off Tsavo road and is mostly enjoyed by locals. Their prices are very affordable.
Tipsy Crow Salaget
This club is a local club but a favorite among locals since its prices are very affordable and it is located just next to the road.

Pwani Secondary School
Pwani Malindi Secondary school is located in Malindi sub-county and is a mixed day and boarding secondary school

Malindi Greenfield School
This is a private mixed primary school. It is located near the road along Tsavo road.

Tahdhib Muslim Academy
This is a public primary school run by a religious organization. It is a day school.

Cosovo Filling Station
This filling station is situated just next to the road and near Pwani Malindi secondary school.

Rangerone Limited
This is a parking garage located next to Tsavo guest house.
CM Steel Multipurpose Workshop
This is a company that deals with steel fabrication.

Financial Institutions
This is an association formed by teachers in Malindi which offers services like banking services to the teachers.

Brown’s UK Second Hand Shop
This is a shop where you can get second- hand household items imported from the United Kingdom.

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