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Oginga Street Malindi

Oginga street in Malindi Kenya and the neighbourhood around it is one full of businesses and shops and one would not expect anything less considering that it lies between some of the busiest streets in town.

oginga street Malindi - Oginga  Street MalindiBusinesses along Oginga Street

Sabaki pharmacy

This happens to be one of Malindi’s biggest pharmacy. All types of medicine are available and can be purchased in wholesale or retail. It also incredibly fairly raised. It also contains a bookshop and a photo studio.

Family Smile

This is a dental clinic providing all teeth solutions

Mohammed supplies

This is a one-stop-shop for construction materials. It is that one place that has all the varieties you need.

Ahmad glass uPVC and aluminum

If in need of buildings material or anything for construction, just a few steps from movie hood you land to that place

Al-Muhsinin Spare centre

If you ever find yourself on Oginga Street and are having spare part issues, you got covered here. This shop sells spare parts, tyres, lubricants and many more.

Malindi Brass Lampshades and Glassmart

Need décor? This is the place; they sell a variety of lampshades and other decorative items.
Shopping Stops

Huzefa shopping Centre

A big percentage of people who live in Malindi will tell you they buy most of their household items at Huzefa centre and this is because this shopping stop is incredibly cheap.

B.M Gulamhussein mart

Just after Huzefa, is this classy shopping stop mown as BM Gulam Hussein. The difference between this shopping place and others is that they don’t deal with food staff
Salon and Boutiques

Silver lining salon

This beauty shop has an eye-catching outlook; it deals with a hair treatment, body bleaching, makeup, waxing, body massage, henna art and provides classes.

Malindi designer outlet

This shop deals with shoes. If in need of designer rubbers, this is the place to stop by.

Exposure African Craft Village

This shop deals with African craft. Their items have a taste of African culture. Clothes (vitenges), shoes, bags, earrings and much more

Rehokima Shoe Accessories

They deal with leather, beads, shoes and shoe accessories.

Aiyla’s Collection

Just next to Family smile is this boutique with an amazing selection of clothes, perfumes, bags, shoes and more.

Movie and Technical shops

Movie hood

If a movie is a way you spend your midtime or family time, movie hood is the place you can purchase all the movies and series that are up to date. Movie hood is located on Fahkri complex

New Series movie Shop

Get all your favorite and latest movies at this local base, the customer service is amazing.

 Asuu computer solution

This is where you find one of the best computer technicians. He deals with all technical issues on phones, computers, and printers.
Stationery Stops

Malindi Bookshop

It’s one of the most known bookshops in Malindi. It sells all types of stationery you would need.

Canaan Printers

Just next to Rehokima is Canaan printers. They deal with book printing, screen printing, hard binding, spiral binding, lamination, photocopy and much more.
Places of Worship

Bohra community mosque

This is one unique mosque in Malindi, the community that worships here has certain special features, and they are Indian Muslims.

Bomani Mosque

This mosque is a landmark at the Oginga Street.

Tourist Information Centres along Oginga Street


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Restaurants and Eateries along Oginga Street

Bawaly’s Fruit parlor

Who doesn’t love some tasty fruit bites? Bawaly’s fruit parlor is your stop. Visit here and choose what fits your taste.

Bawaly Halwa

There is just something about the Swahili culture that is so addicted to halwa. If you are one of them this is your stop shop.

Nash ice-cream

This place is cozy, warm and mouth-watering. They have ice creams if all flavours available, coffee in all variations, milkshakes, and chocolates. This is a shop you have to stop by and check out.

Ooh Ice cream shop

This is another ice-cream shop opposite Nash ice cream. As they say, dessert is always a favorite.


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