Barani Neighbourhood


I would not say Barani is a high-class neighbourhood but allow me to say it’s interesting. Places to eat, hanging out with friends and even beautiful people.

Places to eat in Barani

BREAKFAST; to take a proper breakfast meal visit Barani dishes. Barani dishes is located opposite Habib Bank near a popular bar known as Wananchi. For the delicious breakfast to start your day with a visit to this café and am sure you won’t be disappointed.

LUNCH; Douglas Adams said

“When people you greatly admire appear to be thinking deep thoughts, they are probably thinking of lunch.”

I’ll surely drink to that. To have a nice lunch in Barani try visiting Simba dishes where the locals call the place “kwa simba” this is where you will enjoy unlimited cuisines, Simba dishes are located near Sheikh Nassor Mosque. If you find it hard to locate this place just use the transport system i.e. the “TUKTUKs

SUPPER; apart from the poor and the needy it’s a shame to go to bed with nothing in your stomach. Jabreen and Arafat cafes are your best options. Jabreen and Arafat are two cafes which face each other separated by a road heading to the police station. Pay a visit to these cafes and you will end your day in style.

They say “never underestimate the minor for the major” by mentioning the above cafes it doesn’t mean that the rest of the cafes in Barani are irrelevant, everything is important in life that is nothing is irrelevant in Barani.

Transit System

Barani used to be the centre of transportation in and out of Malindi. Due to the ever-expanding town and explosion in the human population, the local government designed and relocated most of the transit station to the New Market bus park. However, buses to Lamu County, Nairobi and Tana River County have their station at Barani

Service Providers in Barani

There are different categories of businesses in this neighbourhood. Each category has numerous options for services offered. These include:

  1. Information and Technology

Stephen Tech Center – Stephen Tech Centers offers the best of IT services in Malindi Town

  1. Bookshops & Stationeries
  2. Shoes
  3. Clothing and Apparels
  4. Hardware Stores
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