No bra day – the best reason to take it off

October 13th. What comes into your mind when you think of this date? For me, it is a free pass to posting pictures of boobs, tatas, my ladies, jugs, boobies, tits, bosoms, cans, rack, titties, or whatever name you like calling breasts (there are over 101 names for breasts).

To my surprise, I am not alone in this. Actually, on this day alone you will get to see so many boobs photos more than what you are going to see throughout the year. For me, I know Guy Code and Girl Code are to blame. I can only speak for my self

So what is the fuss with October 13? Yes, ladies, it is a no bra day. It is on this day that women are encouraged to forgo wearing a bra as part of the effort to promote awareness on breast cancer.

National No Bra Day

What is Breast cancer?

So let us start with the basics. It is crucial to understand what breast cancer is so whenever October 13th comes around; it is not just about pictures of boobs.

The genesis of breast cancer is when the small units that make up the human body known as cells start to grow out of control.

This growth leads to the formation of a tumour, in most cases visible through an x-ray scan or even felt as a lump. A growth (a tumour) becomes malignant or cancerous when they grow and start invading other cells or tissues. Tissues a group of cells with the same function).

The invasion sometimes occurs within a small area, but in a few instances it can metastasize (spread) to distant parts of the body. Breast cancer is common in women; however, men can also get breast cancer.
It should be known that any part of the body is prone to become cancerous and that cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body.

What are the signs & symptoms of breast cancer?

A lump or growth felt in the breast is on most occasions the most common sign of breast cancer. However, some of the symptoms of breast cancer are seen rather than being felt. It takes the aid of a mammogram or a specialized person to detect the presence of a lump in the breast long before it can be felt.
Here are 12 illustrated signs of breast cancer to help the people of Malindi:

1. Thick area

thick area

2. Dimple


3. Nipple Crust

nipple crust

4. Red or Hot

red or hot

5. Unexpected fluid


6. Skin sores

skin sores

7. Bump


8.Sunken Nipple

sunken nipples


9.Growing Vein

growing vein

10.New Shape or Size

new shape or size

11.”Orange Peel” Skin

orange peel

12.Hard Lump

hard lump

More about Breast Cancer

I know you must be wondering if have a Masters in the stuff am talking about, rest assured a lot of research has been done on breast cancer. Please check out the sites for more information on breast:

    1. American Cancer Society
    2. Know Your Lemons®

See you next year, I hope you will be posting some new tatas pictures ( i have seen most of those posted this year!)


  1. Wow this is nice.

  2. Beautiful written with excellent research on the topic.
    Hongera watu wa kwehu!

  3. Beautiful written with excellent research on the topic.
    Hongera watu wa kwehu!

  4. Wow this is nice.

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