4 Quick ways to Self employment in Malindi after the Coronavirus

Employment can be a pain in the spine especially for the youth all over the world. It is even worse in a town like Malindi where most opportunities depend on tourism. Most youth aged 16-25 tend to struggle to look for jobs and in modern-day Kenya, that is clearly a struggle for everyone. You can choose to blame the low employment rate or lack of business and entrepreneurship classes in school.

With the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, things have gotten even worse. Most businesses have closed and the ones open have reduced the number of employees to maintain social distancing in an effort to flatten the curve. It is going to take extra skills and tenacity to get out of the slump.

Anyway, Here is a list of 6 Quick ways to Self employment. Be your own entrepreneur and build your dreams from scratch. Most of these ideas require very little capital to start hence making them easier to put into action.

1. Graphics Designer

Graphic designers use software to create customized graphics for websites, magazines, social media accounts, books you name it. The only skill needed is an understanding of color and learning how to use the design software which can be learned online.
With the rise of the creative industry, graphics designers are highly needed in the marketing aspect.
All you need is creativity to be able to consistently create content. This can be achieved with the help of different graphic design packages. My favourite one is Corel Draw. However, some might say that Adobe PhotoShop is even better. Anyway, that is a debate for another day

2. Babysitting

Many foreigners love visiting countries with their young ones so they can have early exposure as well as an adventurous moment. But at times, children can well, be annoying.
Sometimes parents just want to travel to Sardegna 2 and enjoy a boat-ride all by themselves. Babysitting is a part not well covered in Malindi, sometimes parents are forced to hire nannies for an extravagant amount of time!

3. Food industry

People never stop eating, people never stop thinking about food. Be it fast food or pastry. With the right type of skillsets, good cooking skills, and determination you can turn various foods into unique masterpieces that attract the coin you need.
Though most foods are highly perishable making this a risky business but once again it is a basic need that rises every day, you can start at home and take it to the streets when you’re ready!

4. Soapmaking

Now soap is a basic need in your household, whether you are cleaning the floor, washing utensils, or cleaning the bathroom. Soap is a necessity.
Soap Making is not quite the task and does not need a lot of capital to start up.
And since everything is found on the internet you can easily find the soap Making process!

There are various ways that the youth can create self-employment opportunities, and these are just a few of them.
It is important to engage yourself in activities to distract yourself from drug activity, theft, or gang-related activities, and most important help you bounce back from the slump caused by covid-19.

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